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Q & A’s To Buy A Glass Splashback

Whether you buy a glass splashback from our online collection or from elsewhere, you need to know what’s what before making your choice.
To guarantee those full-on heart emoji eyes, this buyers guide will give you the lowdown to make sure your new bathroom, kitchen or utility ticks all the backsplash boxes!

So, when it comes to buying a splashback, think of the five ‘S’ for Splashback rule:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Style
  • Sockets
  • Service



Glass Splashback Sizes

Most splashbacks go behind something – usually a sink or a cooker – so the sizes are pretty much standard. There are options in size or height so check which one fits your space.

If your chosen spot is a little more unique and buying a standard splashback just won’t fit, most places can offer bespoke sizes. Get in touch and check what’s possible.



Throw Some Splashback Shapes


As standard, glass splashbacks are either rectangular or square. When buying a glass splashback it is possible to create more intricate shapes and curves but as its glass its not always easy.

If you’re really hankering for something fully designed using graph paper, a sharp pencil and set square, an option is to go for clear acrylic.

Think Perspex for your splashback and its possible to get it routed out, trimmed and produced in all manner of weird and wonderful ways. If it’s going behind the oven, check it can still take the heat though.


Getting Some Style


This is our favourite part!

Are you going big, bold and floral with your splashback design? Or what about some Pop Art and Retro splashback style?

Maybe it’s the Orient or Chinoiserie styles that float your splashback boat…Or how about some eye-popping colours and patterns!





Wherever you choose to shop and whatever splashback you decide upon, make sure you pick something that really says you.
We all live in our own unique homes – don’t pick second best when showing it!


Sockets, Splashbacks – No Surprises!


If the wall where your new splashback is going has electrical sockets, make sure whoever is making it for you has a template and knows all the right info.

You don’t want to be lifting it in place and then realise it was my right and not your right when scribbling it down.

The easiest and most fool-proof way is to draw out the size needed on a large sheet of paper and pop in the whereabouts of the socket adding as much detail as possible. Use the golden rule of DIY: measure twice before jotting it down and committing.



Splashback Service with a Smile


So, you’ve looked through all the patterns, decided on what size, shape and where it’s going, what’s next? Ordering your shiny new piece of wall art, that’s what!




The lucky company that gets to create your splashback should know its been picked to help make your room extra special.
If you need the design to be tweaked, colours changed or a proof sending over to show how it all looks before printing, all these should be available.

Getting a quick response shouldn’t be an issue when you’re looking for an answer and if you need a sample of the print quality, that should be a doddle to get too.

It goes without saying that the splashback cost needs to be right and that your new addition to the kitchen is going to last and last. It’s also a must that your delivery gets to you in one piece.
If there are any issues along the way you should expect to get them sorted quickly.



To finish off, you’re all up to speed with answers on how to buy glass splashback. Clued-up, fully charged and raring to go with any Q’s settled before ordering.

Buying a glass splashback should be easy…..picking the pattern is the hard part! For more ideas and to get the inspo flowing, check out our post on kitchen splashback ideas.

Want to know whats next after your purchase? Click for the guide to fitting your glass splashback.


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