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Patterned Glass Splashbacks – Art For Kitchens

Our Latest Patterned Splashbacks

Give your home an elegant, swoon-worthy and practical gift: A patterned glass splashback that hangs like a piece of sparkly art on your kitchen wall.

Whether you’re looking for a designer glass splashback for the kitchen or a patterned glass panel for the bathroom, scroll below for ideas and inspiration.


Image of Alida floral pattern design as a glass printed splashback is all about the cubes and the colour from
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Image of Doki dot printed glass splashback pattern design from
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Got your eye on one of our patterned splashbacks with images of flowers and botanic patterns? Or how about on-trend geometric designer splashbacks bursting with colour pop and bold bravado?
Already got splashback ideas to transform your space? Have a look in the store at the growing full range.


Image of Excelse art deco style pattern glass splashback. Unique glass printed splashbacks design from
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Often our kitchens and bathrooms lead with a neutral colour palette. Unsurprising really as worktops, cupboards or bathroom fittings can be way too expensive to change often.
By keeping the overall tone simple, we can work with different contrasting or complementing colours. Little changes that bring out our own individuality.
This post looks at some of the options we’ve got for patterned glass splashbacks of real distinction!

With so many options out there for pastels and plainer styles, we aim to be the oasis of the bright and the bold.
Stick with us, we’ll have something that will perk you and your room up. We’re here to help make your home the one everybody talks about.


Image of Bellance floral pattern design as a glass printed splashback is all about the cubes and the colour from
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Patterned Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens

When you’re looking for ideas on patterned glass splashbacks for kitchens firstly gaze at your room with fresh eyes. Whats the predominant colour? Do you use that colour tonally throughout with differing shades in towels and accessories? Or do you have it like a whitewash and need something to break out?

Now ask yourself, do you want to complement or contrast against this with your choice of coloured patterned glass? If your room is white or off-white then it’s a bit simpler when bringing in a new colour accent.
Using blue, yellow or green for the base tone? Then a decision on the next colour needs a little more thought. Don’t worry though, a bit of homework on Pinterest or in the mags works wonders with one’s creativity.

If you’re looking to utilise the main colour, pick an art patterned glass splashback that also has this colour within the design.
Using this colour tonally alongside differing shades or hues of the same colour is a simple way to design your interiors and will look pro!
There’s a blog post here about using tonal or complementary colour schemes within your home.

Floral design glass splashbacks with images are as evergreen as their name suggests. Pick a design from our pattern glass store that fits with the existing room colours and you can expect a real resurgence of classic charm and stunning pizzazz. We’ve got your style!


Image of Corinne design as a floral glass splashback designed to add colour and focus to your home.
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Image of Chloe large scale floral design by Rose Quartz and available through For the Floor and More
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Modern designs look oh-so-stylish when used as a patterned glass splashback.
We have some of the Memphis type motifs from Mort&Hex that just bubble with flashy lines and contemporary colour. We’ve also got Pop Art-inspired images that just look spectacular on glass.


Cibic Mort and Hex design for kitchen splashback feature tile wallpaper or vinyl flooring from
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Inspired by pop art, we have created a range of dynamic vibrant designs available as wallpaper and printed glass patterned splashbacks
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Art Deco & More Splashback Designs

Perhaps you’re looking for something sophisticated and thoroughly Art Deco in flavour. You’re probably already the one who’s always on-trend in your crowd with a finger on the fashion pulse. Art for kitchens and bathrooms? You’ve got it!
Our Cequin or Decoresse designs will scratch that Art Deco splashback design itch.


Image of Cequin art deco pattern - beautiful colours and patterns and available as a printed glass kitchen splashback, feature tile, or wallpaper mural from
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Decoresse art deco pattern - beautiful colours and patterns and available as a printed patterned glass splashback, feature tile, or wallpaper mural from
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While you’re here whetting your appetite for the latest coloured patterned glass splashback art for kitchens, searching for splashback designs and styles, or just a quick mooch to make up your own mood board,  have a look at another post on more colour ideas for glass splashbacks.
If you want to know what our customers think – have a read here.

More to get the inspo flowing? Check out our post on kitchen splashback ideas.

Thanks for reading and remember: your home is unique. Don’t forget to show it!



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