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Why Us?

Sure, there’s a place in the home for the neutral, the safe and the beige.

But you didn’t stumble upon us whilst looking for that.
You typed into Google, patterned this or coloured that and we popped up.

We began as husband and wife team, Joe and Louisa Kennedy, and it all started in a high street home decor store looking out at the expanse of grey and taupe.
Like you, they wanted something different. Something a bit bolder and a touch brighter.

They decided to do something about it.

With years of print experience between them, they knew there were products and technologies out there that could put colour back into kitchens and bathrooms, floors and walls.

They just had to find them.

Now, three years in with new designs (and new designers) in place and the numbers of both growing, and production running (relatively!) smoothly, the real start of the journey into colour and design has begun.
Our flooring has been seen at Decorex, London Coffee Festival, and in bathrooms and kitchens from Bristol to Brighton via Burnage!

We know that the reason you’ve found us is because you’re the same – passionate about being different and with an eye for something that shows your personality and individuality.
We hope we can help bring all your creativity to life.

While we’re on the topic of individuality and uniqueness, we know our patterns may not be for every home – (there is always a market for taupe, you know!) – and that’s why we can use the same manufacturing processes and products to bring your ideas to reality.

If you’ve found us through searching for custom printed vinyl flooring or wallpapers, let us be a part of putting your vision together.

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