Why Us?

We might have the name of some big brand megastore but believe me, it’s not quite like that here in the office!

Based in Manchester, we’re a small but extremely passionate team dedicated to finding the best patterns and printing them on the most innovative products we can source.
We’ve always got an ear to the ground for new materials. We want to find original ways to add impact to the home and it’s all from our own desires when searching for exciting décor.
There seems to be twenty ways to add neutral to a room but few options for oomph. Hey, give us some colour!

This all sounds well and good but if we didn’t have a belief in customer service it would all be just wind in a big bag.
Fortunately, the team loves nothing more than to make sure every order leaves production checked, packed and sent on its way in the most secure way possible.

As an aside, the main reason we charge for delivery (apart from actual delivery costs) is to send by the safest and best way possible. Like you, we’re part of the Apple unboxing generation and that’s what we aspire to.

Thanks for reading this, it tells us that you’re interested in our story, and we look forward to answering questions through the Contact Us page or our social media.

The main thing we’d love you to take away is that we are super passionate in all we do, and by getting to here in a Why Us? page we know you’re exactly the same about your home.




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