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How to order patterned vinyl flooring - A how-to post by forthefloorandmore.com

Ordering Your New Vinyl Flooring


You’re here looking for something a little more unique to brighten up your home.
Our job is to make adding you to your home as simple as possible.



It all starts with a sample.
There’s a sample request box on each pattern page. Pop your address in and we’ll post a square out.
As we can change both the colour and the design scale, the sample is more to check the quality of our vinyl and to make sure you are happy with the textured flooring that we use.
We use the same vinyl base for all printing whether your requirement is for one of our patterns or custom manufacture.
Be aware that like with wallpapers, different flooring batches can have a different whiteness and this can sometimes affect paler colours. This unfortunately isn’t something we can help but we do try to minimise any colour variations when in production.

For many of the floorings, we have to ‘shrink’ the design to fit enough of the pattern into the squares to help you see the colours. This means that the scale of the pattern on the sample will probably differ to the image on the website with the feet.
Don’t fret about this difference as we can alter the scale when we get to the proofing stage and in the email mock-ups we send, you’ll see exactly what the design will look like sized to your space.
Read on and all this will make sense, I promise.



Image showing how to order free patterned vinyl flooring samples from forthefloorandmore.com


Happy with the sample?
Let’s get to our straightforward order process.


Adding your room sizes

Enter the width and length of your room in centimetres into the calculator on the pattern page. Add a little to each side just in case the room isn’t totally square and add it to the basket.

If your room is an ‘L’ or some other strange (sorry, unique) shape, we can only produce in squares or rectangles.  We would manufacture your flooring to the full width and length of the whole room.



We can print panels up to 2.9m x 20m and as long as one side is no bigger than 2.9m, we will be able to produce your flooring as one panel.
If your room has both length & width over 2.9m, we’ll simply create more than one strip.

Oh, and we’d definitely recommend adding 5 or so centimetres to each side just in case your room isn’t totally square. We’ll also add a little extra too.


Adding custom colours


Image showing showing changing pattern colours to the Classic page of forthefloorandmore.com floor coverings


We can tweak most of our patterns’ scale and colour.
If you want to add custom colours to your design, we will work with whatever information you have. Links from a paint manufacturers’ website, Pantone references or hex codes. We’ve even had things popped in the post and matched to those.
We can’t guarantee a 100% total match due to the differences in products and computer screens but we have always been close.
If you have something specific in mind, either email us or add the information to the order message box.


Image showing how to add order information to a bespoke flooring order at forthefloorandmore.com


There is more info on colour changes here in our FAQs and please be aware that although we’ll do all we can to match to your colour as closely as possible, if it’s 100% critical, even different lighting conditions can affect colours in the home.


Image showing the difference in lighting conditions on colours in the home



Picking pattern scales

Unless you tell us otherwise when ordering, the initial proof usually shows the pattern scale sized as per the image on the website with the feet.
We’ll email two low-resolution files – one file shows the complete design sized to your space and is exactly how your flooring will look when produced. The other file is a 1:1 crop at A4 for you to print out, pop on the floor and check the scale if needed.

At this point, if you were imagining the design a little bigger or smaller, just reply to the email and let us know. Once we’ve amended, we’ll email over another visual for you to check and only when you’re 100% happy with the mock-ups will we move to production.

(Just make sure that if you’re printing the proof from your phone the image fills the complete page – ideally, tell your printer to scale at 100% so you are definitely seeing the correct scale.)


Proof printing and checking the scale - ordering vinyl flooring from forthefloorandmore.com


Until you’ve approved the pattern proofs, the order can be changed at no cost. Need to see a different scale?  Just let us know. Picked a different design? Again, email us back so we can amend and create new proofs.
Your order when placed and on our system puts you in the production queue but until approved, we can always change things around if needed.

From here it takes around 1-2 weeks for your flooring to go through our manufacturing process and to despatch.


Image showing the rolls of pattern vinyl flooring produced by For the Floor and More


We use Tuffnells to ship our flooring within the UK and FedEx internationally.
We’ll let you know as soon as it leaves us but unfortunately, neither currently offer timed delivery slots.

For info, if you’re ordering from overseas, FedEx works out the rates based on weight and the size of shipping tube.
If you can advise on your room size before you order, we can let you know the freight costs.



After it arrives

Once you’ve received your new vinyl flooring, please roll it out and check everything is as it should be. If it isn’t, let us know so we can help out.

For installation guides, we’ve got a page here.
Along with best practices, there is information on underlay and adhesives. When fitting, our product works similar to a more standard vinyl floor covering.

Take the sample or a small piece into any hardware store when it comes to purchasing underlay and adhesive. Let them know the substrate it’s being laid onto and they’ll be able to point out the right product. If they can’t, let us know so we can.

Once fitted, we have plenty of information in our flooring FAQs about keeping it looking spick and span.
Any floor cleaner such as Method, Flash or Tesco’s own multi-purpose cleaner will work a treat – don’t use solvents, abrasives or bleach as like with most surfaces, household bleach and solvents can discolour and stain if left on the surface.


Image showing how to view the installation guides for flooring at forthefloorandmore.com


Oh, and by the way,  everything we create is designed and made here in Great Britain.


For inspiration on patterns, we’ve got black and white floor covering collections, bright bold designs, floral vinyl floorings and even plenty of pastel tones.
And if you just can’t find something that floats your boat, let us know. We are always up for a challenge!

There is a downloadable PDF of this page and all of its information here.



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