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Trending Now: Pastel Flooring


Candy Coloured Vinyl Flooring

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Modern trends are changing interior design with people on a mission to ban the beige and bring some colour and pop into their homes.
Just look at two of the most recent colours of the year from Pantone to realise how far these pastels have pervaded – Rose Quartz and Living Coral.


Image showing a bathroom using the Pantone colour Living Coral from a blog post about pastel flooring from
Living Coral bathroom


Traditional flooring solutions consist of wood, marble, and stone and while these materials have their benefits, they lack a certain charisma when it comes to colour. Typically they are all about shades of black, white and grey.


Image of a pastel coloured room used in a blog post about pastel flooring by
From Pinterest


Pastels – from baby blues to soft pinks, faded peaches to sorbet yellows – are becoming a major trend for 2019 with everyone from young families to interiors experts wanting a slice of the candy coloured action!
A fantastic, easy and affordable way of bringing some pastel shades into your home is with coloured vinyl flooring.


Image of Chiara terrazzo style italian tile vinyl flooring by
Chiara Terrazzo style vinyl flooring


Vinyl flooring in pastel tones works well for a number of reasons.
The soft shades make for a calming and serene atmosphere. They help to create a home environment where you can lie back and relax. Here is your tranquil oasis – let the world slow down on this side of your door.
Choosing a pastel flooring can also bring colour into your home without being too bold or causing clashes with any beloved furniture or existing rugs.


Image of Pokki dot pattern vinyl flooring design from
Shop Pokki pattern flooring


Pastel Flooring Colour Schemes

Pastel vinyl flooring can work in a minimalist interior scheme.
Think soft pinks for flooring paired with white walls and pale kitchen cabinets for optimum Scandi minimalism.


Image of Poppet pastel flooring used in a bog post about candy colour home decor colours by
Poppet pattern vinyl flooring


Pastel colours may be soft but they can still work wonders in a maximalist scheme.
A big theme of interior design in 2019 is tonal rooms, where different shades of one colour are used on the floors, walls, accessories and furniture.
Pastel flooring can work great as part of a maximalist, tonal room.
Imagine hot pink walls paired with baby pink vinyl flooring, offset with blush furniture and the occasional mauve cushion – you’ve got yourself an Instagram-worthy grotto for children, Millennials and anyone who just loves everything pink.
And let’s face it, who’s home couldn’t do with more splashes of pink?!


Image showing alternative ideas and variations on our movie The Shining inspired vinyl flooring patterns
Anser variation pattern flooring


As the ultimate low maintenance flooring solution, vinyl is easy to clean, which can be a game changer for houses with pets, small children or clumsy adults.
It’s also simpler to fit than other floor coverings, allowing you to revamp your home in a lot less time (and with a lot less DIY drama).


Image of Cerié geometric home decor pattern printed as modern vinyl flooring from
Shop Cerié pattern flooring


The pastel trend is popular with everyone from young families to grown-up households, students to interiors experts, and everyone in between.
Pastel coloured carpets can easily become damaged with a rogue glass of wine or muddy paw prints however, vinyl offers a stain proof solution to bringing the pastel trend into your home.


Image of Lovis mermaid tile pattern bespoke vinyl flooring
Lovis pattern vinyl flooring


Interested in adding a dash of pastel vinyl flooring into your home? Browse our selection of vinyl flooring here.

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