Tropical pattern glass splashbacks and jungle inspired wallpaper murals from

Tropical Feature Tiles & Palm Leaf Pattern Splashbacks!

…And Botanical Wall Murals For Accent Walls

When Tarzan agreed with Jane about redecorating the kitchen, they probably had one of our new jungle and tropical printed glass splashbacks or patterned Feature Tiles in mind!
We are of course joking, (shipping would have been a nightmare!), but there’s definitely something playful when it comes to using botanical patterns in the home.



Ever heard of the way of the Jungalow ? Well, it’s time to pull on your adventure boots and get with the program! All things jungle is spreading faster than a cheetah in running shoes through the high street.
Department stores are filling up with botanical inspiration to add to our homes.





Tropical palm prints in home décor create a feeling of fun and being away from it all. Lounge in a comfy chair cocooned by all things botanical and memories of foreign holidays and good times come flowing back.

Pour a Pina colada and grab your Thomas Cook brochure. Forget about the washing up and the kids for a while!



Colours and Contrasts

We didn’t want it to be all about the green. It may be jungle inspired but we didn’t think it needed to be quite so monochromatic.
Bear in mind, with a style as well defined as tropical, it’s easy to go way too far and end up in the realms of kitsch – and nobody wants that!

Keep with an accent feature wall complimenting similar colours across the room, or a tile or glass splashback in an otherwise simpler kitchen or bathroom.
We don’t think it’s time to go back to the 70s with all the way-out purple grape bathtubs and avocado sinks….but then again 😉







Looking for something a little more floral? Here’s a recent blog post looking at some new on-trend flower patterns.
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