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Twin Peaks Inspired Exclusive Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl That Even The Log Lady Would Approve!

Just a quick warning – this is a bit of a niche post. There is information here not only about chevron vinyl flooring but also about a TV show you may not know or care that much about!

Ok, so that’s that out of the way.

Twin Peaks has come back to our screens and all of us here at For the Floor & More are anxiously awaiting each new episode.
It has been a long wait but I re-watched both of the last series 3 or so years back. It was before the current binge-watching Netflix epidemic but I certainly binged my way through it in a couple of days. I didn’t know at that time what was on the horizon and that we were going back to the town after 25 ( yes, 25! ) years.

The weird, the strange, the downright disturbing, David Lynch and Mark Frost created a rollercoaster ride. This time it looks just as enjoyable as previous loops around the track. We’re all attempting to second guess the script whilst waiting for the kettle in the kitchen!



It has got to be the most distinctive, different, and downright quizzical programme currently on the box. It neatly fills the space between the nights I’m watching Fargo and the next True Detective. If you’re not watching it yet, you’re in for a blast and if you’ve got any recommendations of what else I should be watching, let me know through Twitter.


Image of the creepy room in Black Lodge from Twin Peaks TV Show


The Black Lodge – Not Exactly The Village Hall!

One of the most iconic and distinctive visual elements is that pattern flooring in the Black Lodge. I had to get to it – we are a flooring and home décor company!
Along with those full-length curtains (always creepy), that room has such a sense of foreboding and that something’s not quite right.

Now, I’m not saying that dramatic vinyl flooring is for everyone’s home. I couldn’t see it in a twee country cottage or candle filled boho bathroom. It’s a classic that in my eyes shouts Americana, truck stops and a little hint of the unknown just around the next corner.
For us, the bold chevrons are exactly our cups of Double R Diner tea!

We’ve created our standard version in a different colourway. It’s to give the illusion of the red lights and curtains. I don’t think most people will be going the whole shebang, talking backwards and all. The subtitles would be too hard to reproduce.



There is a surreal atmosphere in David Lynch’s projects. He injects such a unique personality across all his work. He’s one of only a few filmmakers that after ten minutes or so, you know that he’s behind what you’re watching. His stuff feels individual and separate from each other and still so similar and recognisable at the same time. Twin Peaks is no exception.

Back to the floors, a crimson stripe zig-zagging across the room only fits in with a certain home – a bit like the 3D vinyl flooring here. I don’t think dolphins and waterfalls would match the rest of Norma Jennings’ kitchen!

We can, however, riff on a design’s colours to keep it fresh and a match for your home. And do this while still retaining the original feel and style of the pattern.



The bold red not quite a match to your towels and bathmat? No problem, we can switch it to a green, or blue, or yellow…
Dark and deep shades a step too far? That’s fine, email us that thing you’ve got in mind and we’ll work with it.

That’s one of the clever things about creating your exclusive vinyl flooring order individually. We can work together with you to craft what you want in the style you want it.
We’ve got designers who can tweak ideas and bounce them back over. They are here to help make sure that home décor dream doesn’t stay as just that.



Twin Peaks inspired vinyl flooring from


After watching, I sat down to scribble just how cool this Twin Peaks inspired vinyl flooring would be in the right home. (And not just in a portal to another world or a corner of Agent Cooper’s mind).

With the right décor, we can all make our homes as unique as we are – although probably not quite as unique as some of the characters in Lynch’s show!

If you know other Twin Peak fans, please share on your social media. If not, that’s fine – we’ll just ask BOB to lurk at the bottom of your bed to find out why.


Image of BOB from Twin Peaks in a blog post by lurking at the bottom of your bed!



All our designs are printed on our NuVifloor vinyl flooring with panels at up to 2.9m wide by whatever length fits your room. It’s direct printed so has plenty of colour pop and vibrancy and is built to take whatever life drops on it. We might even say its almost as tough as Tommy “Hawk” Hill’s police issue boots!

Our Cooper flooring, like all our designs, is available at up to 2.9m wide. Click the link to find out why we only use wide width vinyl flooring. For more monochrome ideas, have a look around this post on black and white flooring patterns.

Our cult floorcoverings obsession doesn’t stop here. Check out our flooring inspired by The Shining’s Overlook Hotel.

If a Black Lodge inspired wall is more your thing, we can also create Twin Peaks wallpaper using the same chevron design. Just get in touch.

Written by Joe, coffee – strong with milk, no sugar – and Twin Peaks TV fan.


PS: We’ve got free flooring samples of all our range – there’s a request box under every pattern. Remember we can always change colours and tweak designs to match your style!

PPS: We supplied the flooring for these fantastic Black Lodge inspired changing rooms in a cool retro clothing store. We helped them with all the sections and joins as they wanted it to run up the walls too. Too cool!


Image showing hollywood exports retro clothing store with Cooper vinyl flooring used in the changing rooms


Or how about this cabaret club that wanted us to supply that Twin Peaks feel?


Image of Cooper pattern flooring used at the London Cabaret Club and used in the testimonials at Loved By You from


And a coffee shop?


Customer photo testimonial of our Cooper patterned vinyl flooring from a customer review of



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