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7 Simple Ideas That Make Your Bathroom Pop!

Colour Inspiration For the Littlest Room


C’mon, we all love the bathroom. The quiet sanctuary within the busy home. That head in the tub, soak for hours, forget the world place of peace and tranquillity.
Ahhh, it’s almost making me feel like switching off this laptop and running the taps!

Think about the bathrooms you’ve seen in your friend’s homes, hotels, showrooms and Pinterest.
Beautiful rooms with the latest fixtures and fittings – bathroom ideas to inspire.
Ideas brimming with a style and décor oomph that sometimes, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we don’t always quite muster up.

Then think of your own……maybe it’s a little different.
Maybe the real difference is that it’s all a little too….white?


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Whether your bathroom is small and you want to add a dash of joie de vivre or it’s just a bit meh – keep reading and you’ll find easy tips for making a change.


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From Fired Earth – Pinterest



I think it’s definitely the addition of colour and a bit of pop to the bathroom that makes someone’s memorable and someone else’s, well, just a memory. We all get stuck sometimes in neutrals and in the bathroom, there’s nothing more neutral and unassuming than plain old white.

In this little guide, I look at 7 bathroom ideas that can really make a difference.
We all want a home that gets people talking – let’s make sure it’s for the right reasons!





I’ll start with one way that’s really simple yet massively effective.
Changing plain towels over to bright & bold coloured bath sheets will instantly add tonnes of impact and drama. In a room that’s predominantly white, this switch will create a whole new vibe.

Add in the trend of having towels on display – don’t hide them away in drawers – and your neutral room just got a lot more creative.


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Towels On Show! Pinterest



Just like swapping out the towels, a change of bathmat from white or off white to something with a bit of zip is a really common-sense but effective way to add colour.
Get a bold striped pattern and wow, you’ll have all your visitors remarking about the restroom!


Bold & Bright Bathmat - Amara - in a blog post about bathroom decor ideas from

Bold & Bright Bathmat – Amara

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Bathmats Of Colour – Pinterest


Shower Curtain

If you have a curtain rather than a cubicle when was the last time you changed it? Plain white again? Come on, let’s go wild!
There are loads of fantastic options available on the high street and one of these will do so much more for your bathroom than something plain.
If you’ve got to use one then why not use one with colour…?



Soap & Dispensers

There is a myriad of choice in both colour and shape. Have a wander around TKs or Lush for bathroom ideas and there’s certain to be something that takes your fancy.
Contrast the colours against the mat or towels and you’ve really upped the game. Go for an orange soap and blue towels for Maxx-imum Style!




Looking to change a bit more than just the towels or mats? Some of the mosaic or glass tiles available create something a bit special and really add sparkle to the space.
We have our very own printed Feature Tiles – just one of these nestled in with the other tiles makes a colossal colour difference.


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Color Poppin’ Tiles! – Houzz



Image of Poppet Feature Tile from

Feature Tiles Add Sparkle!


Mirror & Cabinets

With cabinets, look for something that fits your style and colours or choose one that looks great and paint it. It’s incredible how much of a difference a lick of Annie Sloan or F&B can make.
With mirrors, it can be more of a shape thing than a colour but options are available.


Image of a Bright Orange Mirror - Habitat

Bright Orange Mirror – Habitat


Pick something with an accent colour that will tune into something else within the room and guests will think you’ve had the designers in!


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Painted Cabinets – Pinterest


Loo Rolls

Ok, so maybe not the most serious suggestion but there are colours available and one of them might set off something else in the room.
They are all a bit pastel-y but it’s a colour change, right? There are other much, much (did I say much?) brighter options online.
Next time you’re wandering along the supermarket aisle just have a quick mooch. Sometimes it’s the coming together of a few small changes and bathroom ideas that can make a big difference.



Renova coloured toilet paper used in a blog post about bathroom decor ideas from

Back(side) in Black? – Renova


That’s all for this one – 7 simple bathroom decorating ideas for adding a spot of colour. Most of it is achievable on a budget so pick one and jump right in.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve found it interesting. If you have, please share on your social media and make sure you let us know what home projects large or small that you’re planning next.

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