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Striped Vinyl Flooring – classic lines that’ll fill your modern space!

When you’re looking for that feature floor design that will create a unique, timeless and eye-catching statement, you just can’t go wrong with striped vinyl flooring.
Infinitely versatile with endless options, the banded lines can radically transform your space depending on how they’re used.

Couple a fresh blue with white to conjure up a sense of seaside and coastal crispness.


Coastal blue striped vinyl flooring from


Match broad defined strokes with vibrant colours for that statement space that lets guests know that they’ve truly arrived!


Bold pastel striped vinyl flooring from


Now, we know the beauty of the stripe lies in the details and because we are all about creating custom decor, picking your unique variation on striped vinyl flooring is a doddle.
To help with inspiration and to fuel your own creative ideas, we’ve filled this page chock full of stripey scenes.

From classic two-tone treats to playful popular options, there really is a stripe to suit every style.

All of the designs shown in this post are bespoke options. All are available – either as-is or to change up with your unique colours – at the same cost per square metre as any of our other floor coverings.
If you’re hankering for some stripey action in your special space, just get in touch!

Different types of striped vinyl flooring

We can create a wide stripe:


Pastel striped vinyl flooring from



Two colour candy & cream striped vinyl flooring:


Candy and cream striped vinyl flooring from


Use more than two colours but keep a central theme of shades:


Multicoloured blue striped vinyl flooring from


Thin stripes:


Multicoloured yellow striped vinyl flooring from

A mix of wide and narrow stripes:


Shades of sage striped vinyl flooring from


Stripes to run the length of your space:


Deep blue and grey striped vinyl flooring from


Or the width:


Shades of beige striped vinyl flooring from


Or even diagonally across:

Red white and blue striped vinyl flooring from


We have a post here explaining the information needed to create your unique-to-you vinyl flooring.


Cool pastels striped vinyl flooring from


Tips on using stripes on your floor

Although you could have a kaleidoscopic cathedral of colour, it’s often the simpler colour choices that work best in the room. Keep to a couple of colours and match to soft furnishings, wall tones and accessories.
Your walls and floor may not be perfectly square so a wider stripe can be more forgiving.

Unless its the look you’re going for, try not to mix and match too many variations of stripes. It can look a little overwhelming (and also you may just get the feeling of being behind bars!)


Bold pastels striped vinyl flooring from


Make sure your subfloor is level. Stripes can follow the bumps and bulges of an uneven floor and it always looks cooler to have straight stripes rather than looking like a contour map!

Marry up your striped vinyl flooring with more organic flowing patterns. Flowers, flowing designs and abstract shapes all can match perfectly with the stripe’s colour and help to soften off some of their linear edge.


I hope that’s got you thinking about what’s possible with straight lines.
Whether its a bold two-colour stripe or a rainbow of shades, a stripey pattern flooring could be just what your room has been looking for!

By Joe – probably two-tone, maybe three colours, definitely bold & bright.

PS – if stripes aren’t quite your bag and dots are more your thing, we’ve got you covered with this post on polka-dot flooring.


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