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You can’t bee serious… why honey is the hottest interior shade of 2020


Whether you prefer it drizzled on toast or baked into biscuits, there’s no denying that honey has distinctive qualities.
Here at For the Floor and More, we love honey sandwiches as much as the next person, but what we really love is its rich golden hue.
With honey home decor tipped by ELLE Decoration as being a key interior trend for 2020, we wanted to share why we adore it so much.


Image of a honey coloured kitchen used in a blog post about honey coloured home decor for 2020 by forthefloorandmore.com


“Honey, I’m home!”

Yellow in the home is a debate that typically divides people.
While some slather egg-yolk tones on their walls and swear that buttercup cushions brighten up the room, others are staunch opposers of it and would happily sling it into Room 101.
Honey’s tone, however, could just be the one that converts yellow haters into strong enthusiasts.
With its orange undertone and earthy qualities, honey is a more grown-up, almost neutral form of yellow. It’s warming and welcoming, and when used tactically in interior design, creates a cosy home. Whereas pastel yellow and saffron grab attention, honey is able to blend into the background more, all whilst retaining its energising and cheery qualities.
Honey is not refined to one distinct tint or HEX code, so layering different types of honey can add a tonal, well-thought-out feeling to the home.



Honey in the kitchen, honey home decor in the bathroom…?

Honey (the food) is typically found in the kitchen, in a jar, usually with a sticky lid.
Honey (the colour) can be used anywhere in the house.
For example, adding a honey bedspread can liven up a neutral boudoir, while the same shade can simultaneously look great as a feature wall in the living room.





As vinyl flooring aficionados we might be a tad biased, but we love the idea of stepping onto honey floors, which will add depth to the home from the ground up. Imagine a crisp white bathroom suite accompanied by a rich honey floor… that’s a better combo than salt and vinegar, peanut butter and jam, or apple pie and ice cream!



Honey- toned wood is a great option for anyone who prefers the natural look – think the interior of a ski lodge – but carpet, vinyl or tiles can also look great.


Mellow yellow (and other complementary shades)

Unless you have a penchant for having all the colour in your house exactly the same, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to find honey home decor hues to accompany your newfound favourite tinge.
Fear not, because we have just the solution for you. You have two options for finding the perfect combinations: go tonal or opt for complementary shades.

Going tonal is a massive trend in fashion, where you wear several, slightly different shades of the same colour (see Britney and Justin’s all- denim look below for inspo).
It works just as well in the home and is particularly perfect for maximalists. Layer deep honey tones with lighter pastels, and sumptuous earthy brown shades. Alternatively, colours that coordinate nicely with honey include burgundy, orange, washed denim and indigo.
This room image (below) illustrates elements of tonal blue colours, as well as including a pop of purple which complements the indigo and petrol tones.


Image showing tonal colour scheme used in a blog post about honey coloured home decor for 2020 by forthefloorandmore.com


Whether you include a touch of honey or convert your home into a beehive, you’re certain to make your home warmer and sunnier – even when it’s gloomy and chilly outside.



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Thanks for reading and take care, Louisa

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