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Modern Vinyl Patterned Flooring from

Modern Vinyl Flooring – 9 Designs For The Most Stylish Of Homes

New Modern Flooring For The Fashionistas!

When it comes to ultra modern vinyl flooring designs, our latest Metro-dot range has got your floor covered.


Image of Kawaii dot pattern modern vinyl flooring design from
Kawaii Metro-dot pattern


Contemporary cool colours up front and on display – plus the ability to mix in your own if you desire  – all coupled with on-trend dotty shapes and pointy forms.
Creating more patterns to add to our vinyl floor covering range, we search for inspiration from the high street to designer collections. We want to make sure we have a finger on the pulse and have the designs that will look fantastic on your floor.


Image of Belmont pattern side width vinyl flooring available exclusively fro
Shop Belmont pattern vinyl flooring


As we hunt for tomorrow’s modern style, we also have to cast a curious glance backwards. Everyone knows the repeating circle of fashion and how colours and themes come back around (….and around!).
From Victorian and azulejos tiles to faux floors and marble flooring, capturing ideas for modern floor covering (and splashbacks, and wallpapers….) means there’s inspiration everywhere!



Image of Itsu dot pattern modern vinyl flooring design from
Itsu Metro-dot pattern


As we’ve stated in other floor covering posts, for too long flooring has been about the plain and austere. There are loads of options in beige and browns but why just settle for the usual choices?


Image of Pokki dot pattern modern vinyl flooring design from
Pokki Metro-dot pattern


Here at For the Floor & More we know you’ve got a bit more of the adventurer about you.
There’s a sparkle in those eyes and try as you might, we know its there and demands something different.

Opting for a stylish modern vinyl flooring designs in the bathroom, kitchen (or utility, or playroom…) could well be the next project that your home is lusting after. Every home deserves to be unique.


Image of Yume dot pattern modern vinyl flooring design from
Yume Metro-dot pattern


Image of Doki dot pattern modern vinyl flooring design from
Doki Metro-dot pattern


Image of Koto dot pattern modern vinyl flooring design from
Koto Metro-dot pattern

Now your decision is made, all that’s left for you to be sure of is that your choice is going to look fantastic when rolled out and under your feet.
Fortunately, our direct printed NuVifloor vinyl flooring ticks all the boxes.


Image of Anata dot pattern modern vinyl flooring design from
Anata Metro-dot pattern


By utilising specially designed durable vinyl, its created to stay looking great! We only use non-fading inks which means your design will not lose it’s vibrancy and oomph even after all the treatment modern life has dealt it.
With a subtly textured face (R11 slip rated), it’s resistant to wear yet supremely forgiving and warm underfoot.

Select your modern vinyl flooring design and place your bespoke order from our store’s growing floor covering range.


Image of Pavo modern vinyl flooring design from
Pavo flooring design


Image of Atik geometric home decor pattern printed as modern vinyl flooring from
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We print each and every vinyl flooring order individually.
You simply add your room’s dimensions in when ordering and we do the rest.
Created in panels that simply butt join together with each panel manufactured to a maximum width of 2m. We’ll show you exactly how and where to fit. Easy.

Our contemporary vinyl flooring is designed with the home in mind.
To make the panels as wide as possible – 2.9m, have a turnaround time of two weeks, (and be as competitively priced as we can),  it means we produce by printing directly onto the wear layer.
Perfect for lower traffic areas and free samples always available.
Pick out your vinyl flooring design from the site and give it some abuse – make sure you’re 100% happy with our floor covering vinyl before you hit the Buy Now button!




It needn’t be difficult to have the most modern of floors. The only tough part is picking which pattern works best!
With a continually growing range of contemporary flooring designs, we at For The Floor & More are aiming to be the home of modern patterns for the walls and the floors.
We hope we can be the final touch that makes your home extra special.


Shop Ardwick pattern vinyl flooring


Modern Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Modern vinyl flooring is all about colour pop and bold design. Faux wood effects and plain beiges are all well and good but when you can pick something that makes the home unique, why would you settle for less?
We say banish the beige and embrace colour. Here are a couple of ideas to make the most out of your newfound flooring passion!


Image of bespoke Kaskad design available as a colourful and vibrant vinyl floorcovering
Shop Kaskad pattern


Cool colours can make a room feel more open and larger. Go for a large repeating design in a fresh tone and it will make the room seem much grander in scale. Couple with walls again in a similar hue and call this new place your paradise found.

Or pick a smaller pattern with an accent colour that adds a bit of contrasting zing to the full design. It makes for a space that smacks of a sophisticated interior-design-led eye. Remember, we can always amend a pattern to closer match your room’s theme so take a mo, have a look around and think of what would really work in your home.

All of our flooring patterns are available at up to 2.9m wide. Click the link to find out why we only use wide width vinyl for our bespoke flooring.


Image of Noemi terrazzo style italian tile vinyl flooring design by
Shop Noemi Terrazzo style flooring


Looking to find out more info on contemporary vinyl flooring and ideas for your home? Check out our posts sharing some of our most popular patterned floorings.

If something a little moodier floats your boat, our new range of black and white vinyl flooring could just be the thing to complete your room.

Come talk to us on social media and let us know your favourite.  We’d love to know your ideas for home modern flooring. We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and all ears!


PS: We’ve got free flooring samples of all our range – there’s a request box under every pattern. Remember we can always change colours and tweak designs to match your style!


Looking for more ideas?