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If, after all the paint matchpots and test cards, you’ve settled on neutral tones, picking printed glass splashbacks for your kitchen or bathroom may well be the way to add a healthy slice of colour-pop to your room.
In this post, we look at some of the reasons why your space must surrender!

Pattern printed glass splashbacks will:

  • add some extra colour definition to your room.
  • pull together all the kitchen’s existing tones and colours.
  • sprinkle in your individual flair and style.
  • complement or contrast your colour scheme.
  • we’ll get to this one later….

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Adding colour with printed splashbacks

Selected a nice, clean and somewhat safe colour for your kitchen?  Maybe an off-white or white rules over your room. While it will certainly look fresh for longer and have a real classic feel, is it really you? Was it exactly what you were hoping to convey with your new kitchen?
Does neutral really sum up your personality?

Now you don’t have to go full on OTT to inject a bit of you. Pick an accent colour that fits with the theme – use Pinterest for inspiration – and focus in on that one colour that by using its potential in a printed glass splashback would make all the difference.
For more, check out this post for coloured glass splashback ideas.

We individually create your new glass splashback (everything is made to measure at For the Floor & More) so if there’s a different colourway you fancy or maybe even a printed image of your own choosing, get in touch and we’ll help out.



Pull together existing tones & shades

If your room’s style has been shaped and formed using a tonal scheme, printed glass splashbacks will fuse together the colour picked. You may have built the space knowingly using layers of a single shade, or it may have just been a lucky accident. Tonal designs are beloved for their modern and contemporary feel. We wouldn’t want to change that sense of cool.
Use this base colour in a printed splashback and let it create an extra layer of sophistication. Lift your home decór ‘A’ game to even loftier heights!



Adding you to printed glass splashbacks!

OK, so you’re the type of person that doesn’t settle for second best.

You fall in love with all things eclectic. If it doesn’t feel you, it doesn’t get through the front door. You’re the one who doesn’t always shop off the peg. You love to find something a bit different that encapsulates you.
Your friends admire and buzz off what you do and the way you embrace fashion and style. Mainstream doesn’t always have to make the cut.


Pop art girl 4 - inspired by pop art and available as custom printed glass splashbacks from

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Our patterns are different and we aim to be another option for your home. You are about your space and big box stores don’t always have to be the only way.
Pick bold pattern printed glass splashbacks for kitchens and your space will now look as individual as all your other rooms.
We have another post here for patterned glass splashback inspiration. Add you to unique!


Janna floral printed glass splashbacks from

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Image of Ayame design as a wonderfully detailed printed glass splashback available from

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Complementing or contrasting printed glass splashbacks

Complementing design is all about bringing together colour schemes that work harmoniously. The tones flow serenely through the space and by using colours situated next to each other on a colour wheel, there is less friction. In feng shui terms, it’s all a whole lot more soothing to the eye.


Image of Grafyx bold geometric design with a subtle ombre colour fade. Unique glass splashback design from

Shop Grafyx geometric pattern splashback


The opposite of this is to mix things up and create a bit of contrast.
Colours opposite on the wheel add drama and punch. Bold tones can take over a room and make a real first impression.
A wild and crazy printed glass splashback is sure to be the focus of your room – let’s just make sure it’s for the right reason!


Lineal pattern printed splashbacks inspired by Lucienne Day and part of our new SS17 collections

Shop Lineal pattern splashback


So there we have 4 points that show why printed glass splashbacks add a distinctive and individual flair to your kitchen.
And the 5th? Because they look fantastic!

For more cooker splashback ideas, have a look through our posts on coloured glass splashbacks and Oriental Art splashbacks. I’m sure we have something unique for your home.

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