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In this post, I’m sharing some of our brand new printed kitchen splashback ideas and inspirations with new designs hot off the press or at least smouldering off the computer screen!

Just in case our unique splashbacks don’t fit your space, I’ve also added other ideas and pics that I’ve found online that might just scratch your cooker splashback itch!


Colour & Pattern Kitchen Splashback Ideas

As you can guess, colour is a great barometer for the emotions of the home’s designer. Deep passionate reds with a sense of mischief, yellows and greens for a more calming sensitive atmosphere. Blacks for intrigue and mystery and blue for coolness and waves of restful relaxation.




Kitchen splashback ideas can be all about the colourway – the complementing or contrasting against worktop, cupboard or flooring. Your splashback might even be the element that brings the room together, the bridge between accessories and the overall paint and décor theme.
Be bold with your colour and your sassy style is guaranteed to turn heads.



To harmonize your space, pick a cool colour for your printed splashback and go for a similar hue for the walls.
Contrast with a darker flooring and it’ll open up your space and give the illusion that it’s bigger than it really is. Cool shades open up the room whilst warmer colours bring the walls in.
Go for a fresh white, pink or cream and feel the room take on a couple of extra cubic feet!




Patterns are the other divining rod for the underlying emotion of the designer. Abstract designs criss-cross over the glass, subtle geometric shapes whisper order and purpose; floral designs bring the outside in. As kitchen splashback ideas of distinction all of these motifs add their own unique sparkle.


Texture & Material Splashback Ideas

Colour and pattern are two of the defining choices when looking for a kitchen splashback. The third element for impact lies in the material chosen.
There is a multitude of metals including copper splashbacks and stainless steel backsplashes.  The right metal adds a sophisticated class to the kitchen, especially when matched with contemporary designer taps and fittings.





Copper is a wonderful choice – that deep copper colour just looks fab as a splashback. Not sure if it would fit in with every kitchen but if you’ve gone with a similar colour of dark wood for cupboards and worktops, it’ll work!



Acrylic, think Perspex, is another option. Printed or coloured, it has the same characteristics as glass but in a less heavy or substantial material. Check that its rated fire-retardant and sit back with a pattern or colour chart to make sure it all matches your room.


Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

We print on the reverse of crystal clear toughened glass and seal in your design by using a protective barrier. It all means for your new kitchen splashback, no grime can get ever behind. Once it’s fixed to the wall – check the splashback installation guide – your new kitchen splashback is guaranteed to look like new for years.



Where do you find your home décor inspiration and kitchen splashback designs? Are you like me, click on the kettle and sit back with a good magazine? Is it with the laptop nestled on the knee? Fingers clicking from browser window to window, Pinterest to Houzz? Or maybe you like to hit the stores and wander around letting the high street styles sink in.

So many options everywhere – just don’t settle for the plain and the neutral.
There are far too many ways to add white. For behind the cooker at least, let’s use kitchen splashback ideas full of colour!



Tiled Splashback Ideas

The perennial Subway and Metro tiles may look a little conservative but in their right place, they can also lend an air of style and sophistication. Even though I’m all for the bold and the brash, I know some kitchens are all about the subtle and the gentler hues.
Pick accessories that add the colour-pop and a white or plain pastel splashback can be the backdrop that keeps it all on trend.
Here are some of my favourites tiled splashback styles – some are actual tiles and others are printed tile designs





There’s a myriad of options for tile splashback ideas. Split face stone and ceramic either coloured or patterned. Even marble hewn from the Italian hills for the home that demands a cooker splashback that shouts opulence and extravagance.
Moroccan style tiles work exquisitely well within an overall eclectic design while mosaic tiles in differing colours can transform the space above the worktops.
Go wild with a varied selection of colour and don’t be afraid to be different!




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