7 Tiled Floors We Just Love!

Tile Designs To Glue Your Eyes To Your Shoes

You know what its like.
Sat in the chair, iPad in hand, flicking through the internet looking for design ideas and a bit of inspiration.
We all get the itch to hunt down something a bit different and sure enough, over we go….to Pinterest or Instagram or wherever a click and a scroll may take you.

In this post, I’ve put together a number images of tiled floors that during that hour or two kicking my feet back really gave me the goosebumps!
They may be old, may have been a bit fiddly to fit, but wow factor they certainly have in spades.



How amazing would it be to step over this in your Sunday loafers?
I think I’d be too busy looking down and probably either end up in the back of the person ahead apologising profusely.
Flushed red with embarrassment, I would really have an excuse now to keep my eyes staring straight down!

Moroccan patterns



I’m not too sure whether its a floor or wall tile but I love the pattern and the spinkly sparkly blue stars.
Reminds me that even though whilst walking over as a tiled floor, I’m still just a little box of atoms in a much bigger picture.
Anyway enough of the metaphysics, back to the tiles….!



In the Pinterest description for this one, it says its Morrocan and dates back to the 14th century. Incredibly intricate, especially how all the star shapes are created by interweaving the pattern lines under and over themselves.

Parisian charm


Image of Parisian floor mosaic tiles from a blog post by forthefloorandmore.com


Full of Parisian chic, the fresh blues in this design add a real sophisticated je ne sais quoi. Definitely in the true sense, not a Del Boy mange tout, mange tout either!
I can imagine this pattern in pride of place adorned across the entrance hall of a beautiful Victorian hallway. Fling open your front door and be greeted by this – lovely.



Blues again but with a completely different feel. More playful – is it the flowers? – and a softer, less defined pattern. Not sure whether it’s an Instagram filter or colour tweak, but the purpley border hue looks stunning across the top.

What is it with these hipsters wearing the perfect shoe shades to the flooring? Do they have a bag full of different ones to put on depending on the tiles they find? Or do they borrow them from the local shoe shops and quickly return them after they’ve got the shot?



Deep, dark and certainly moody- an atmospheric image on an imposing and beautiful tiled floor.
Hope this photo wasn’t taken just after it was polished.

Design from Barcelona




We move across the continent a fraction from Paris to Barcelona for these last two images. Dating from 1904 as the Pinterest caption states, and the creation of Casa Viñas Josep Pascó.
The caption also goes on to say the style and designs were influenced by the rugs being produced at the same time.
I wonder how many of the rugs are still looking this good over 110 years later?

More images of my favourite tiled floors will be added to this post over the coming months so if you come through again, have a look and see what else has been inspiring us (or keeping us from doing other stuff as we lounge with that iPad and the internet….. )

Some of these geometric and tiled floor ideas have worked their way into our vinyl range, head over to our patterned flooring blog post to find out more.


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