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Modern Patterned Vinyl Flooring Designs To Knock Your Socks Off!

Ok, we all need a spot of the bright, bold and beautiful in our lives. Our homes can become filled with pastels, pales and neutrals but for that one accent piece to add depth and texture to the space……Go wild!
Colourful, patterned vinyl flooring is just the ticket when being the wallflower is not an option and in this post, we look at some of our boldest and brightest pattern designs.

Links to buy all patterned vinyl flooring below each image – when you’re ready, shop your room’s new look.
Geometric floor patterns here we come…





For the geometri-philes out there who hold a candle for a bit of the angular, geometric and retro vinyl flooring patterns are the perfect way to satisfy those angular cravings.
For too long flooring options have been about the beige and the plain. Rise up and claim back the ground! Bring on the angles! Be bold with your colour!
Your home is unique, don’t forget to show it.







We’re big fans of dramatic shapes and bold floor colours here at For the Floor & More – always adding, tweaking and searching for geometric designs and patterns to add to our home décor ranges.
These super dramatic motifs look great on glass as a large printed wall tile or a coloured kitchen splashback, equally stunning as a large scale made to measure wallpaper mural, but we couldn’t hold back there – we had to share some angular sugar with the floor!


Honeycomb geometric patterns



Just a quirky angled polka dot? Perhaps, but we think the honeycomb deserves its place on the podium of geometry Olympics just for versatility alone. It can create an aura of a time gone by – Moroccan patterned vinyl floor tiles – or with colour and depth look futuristic whilst still feeling organic. Use a range of colours within the design and it looks busy and attractive, keep to one shade and it appears minimalist.
Design-led and quirky vinyl flooring but not just for the queen bee!



Herringbone parquet style geometric patterns

Herringbone geometric designs create a sense of serenity and calmness. Interlocking pieces like patterned vinyl tiles reaching out across the floor or wall. A criss-cross puzzle explaining itself through colour and shape.

With modern digital printing, we can play with its pattern origin and transform it into a more modern style whilst still retaining its splendour and definition. Retro vinyl flooring patterns complete with a contemporary upbeat twist.
Our herringbone vinyl flooring looks like separate parquet patterned vinyl floor tiles.
But when it’s supplied on a roll with panels made to measure, your fitter will love you and you’ll love the finished job!




Where would I use patterned vinyl flooring?

We are a little biased I know and would say everywhere, but patterned contemporary vinyl flooring really brings out the best when used in the more neutral toned rooms of your home.

Bathrooms, kitchen and utilities are all spaces where a spot of colour and pattern can make a big difference. Mentioned in this blog post about the patterned flooring used in George Clarke’s Old House New Home, a classic monochrome bathroom was totally transformed with the installation of a bright geometric vinyl flooring. The more uncomplicated the room’s decor, the more impact a bright and bold flooring will create.
As George Clarke himself said, vinyl is back!

If a room has a predominant single colour theme – pastel green in your bathroom perhaps or yellow in the kitchen – your choice of patterned vinyl flooring can either complement or contrast this shade.
Pick a tone that contrasts for maximum impact: go for pale yellow walls and couple with a vinyl pattern that includes a dash of purple or deep blue. It doesn’t have to be the whole pattern, just a coloured shape within the design will do the trick super effectively.
Otherwise to complement, go for a differing shade of the main theme. A deep blue pattern flooring design would look stunning against other lighter shades of blue for walls, curtains or cushions. Layer up and think of textures. Be brave!



For advice on how to use colours effectively within home decor, check this helpful guide on interior colour schemes. For more bathroom flooring vinyl ideas especially tips on making a small room look bigger, scroll down the page!


Fish scale designs

Fish scales conjure up the opulence of the art deco era or Japanese illustration and elegantly create a sense of visual motion across the floor or wall.
Their availability as individual ceramic tiles has opened up some real design possibilities and with options of being printed behind glass for the kitchen and bathroom, they are a softer and delicate way of adding focus and impact.

Rippling softly across the floor, these designs look fantastic when Room Hero colour matched within a kitchen or bathroom space. A real luxury patterned vinyl flooring and all the hassle of installation removed when your design is laid out on a roll.



Abstract geometric design

With the Mort & Hex geometric retro vinyl flooring patterns, we’re adding in bold lines to fuse drama with impact and focus. Colourful and punchy, somewhere between the Memphis cool and 80s retro vibe, we’re loving the trend these new designs set.
And with more additions to come throughout the seasons, there’s bound to be a funky vinyl flooring pattern that your compliments your space.
Multi coloured vinyl flooring for the most stylish!





Houndstooth patterned vinyl flooring designs

Houndstooth originated way back in the 1800s for keeping-warm farming jackets but sprinkle in a little colour, let it put on its Kate Spade’s and step forward to the 2010s!

Like many of the geometric motifs, even when given a totally different look, it’s still recognisable under all the make-up. It may have a vintage flooring feel deep within its patterned vinyl roots but this design with its arrow tiles conveys a sense every bit as modern as some of our other designs.
Sophisticated, elegant and, in subtle shades, even a hint of the scandi. Whoever said pattern lino and colourful retro vinyl flooring needs to stay out of the spotlight?!



Not stopping with the floors? Mix, match and shop for colour and shape inspiration on the High Street:


9 new and exclusive flooring ideas using bold geometric lines, angles and colours. I’m sure they’ve ignited a spark of inspiration for your next project.
Still not sure if the vinyl revival is for you, we’ve got a guide here on everything you need to know about vinyl floorcovering!

Every one of our pattern vinyl flooring designs is printed on our direct print NuVifloor vinyl floor covering. Durable, anti-slip, supplied on a  made to measure roll at panels up to 2.9m wide and easy to fit.
It’s available by the square metre and made to measure for your room. It’s a little bit different than others’ patterned lino flooring – ask for a sample and we’ll post out a square.

Keep your eyes peeled on the site as we move into the new season. We’re adding fresh collections of patterned vinyl flooring and some cool additions to existing ranges. There’ll also be a few dropping off the site to make room for the new faces.
We’re going wild on retro flooring designs with such vintage delights as Jolo seen below.
Jolo, how low can you go! Under your feet, as it happens… : )




5 Tips To Make A Small Room Bigger With Coloured & Patterned Vinyl Floorings


Image used in a blog post explaining 5 tips to use patterned vinyl flooring to make a small room look bigger


Simple styling tweaks can make for dramatic changes in your home.
If the size of your room is small, ask us to rotate the pattern before printing to make the design diagonal. This technique, sometimes called ‘on point’, makes the room look bigger by making the pattern appear larger. Nifty trick and its a simple change for us prior to producing your flooring.

Installing your patterned flooring parallel to the longest wall helps make the room look much more spacious. Pick a design that flows along from one end to the other and it’ll look like your room runs on forever.

Large-scale patterns will make your space appear more expansive than a smaller design with many repeats. It’s how the eye takes it all in and bigger and bolder is a neat visual trick for making a small room look much grander in size.
Go for one of our retro vinyl patterned floorings and expect king-sized results!

To make a room feel airier and defined, couple a darker vinyl flooring design with lighter walls. Cool colours recede so by picking a fresh tone for the walls and ceiling and a deeper shade for the flooring, the space will seem much larger than with all the same shades or the other way round. Warm and deeper colours can bring the walls closer in so stay away if using in a small room.

If you are looking to match the walls with your new vinyl flooring, pick an accent colour in one of them and pair with that. A touch of similar colours gives a uniformity that adds a dash of sophistication but too much blurs the overall feel.



Like what you see in shape but not in colour? Talk to us, we can tweak and manufacture pretty much any design. We’re always up for the challenge to help make your home more beautiful!

So, when it comes down to a new patterned bathroom vinyl flooring or something decidedly different in design for the kitchen, get in touch when you feel the bug and we’ll help scratch that interiors itch.

If you’re still hankering for more floor covering patterns to mull over, we’ve got this post on modern vinyl flooring ideas which may just get the old creative juices flowing.
Another new blog post on the bang-on-trend Italian style of Terrazzo is dived into here with a whole page of ideas for Terrazzo vinyl flooring.

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Well, hope you liked them all. I’ll sprinkle in more patterned vinyl flooring designs to this post as we add more to the site. Check back and let me know what you think on social media.
Thanks for stopping by!

Louisa, For the Floor & More.



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