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Feature Wall Tiles – Colour & Charm For The Coolest Of Walls!

The A-Z Guide on Feature Tiles

Feature wall tiles are one of the simplest ways to add colour and oomph to your room.

Have a neutral colour scheme with white or off-white walls?
Are you desperately looking for a sprinkle of your individuality to add your space?
Our printed Feature Tiles would just love to step up to the task and help bring a sparkly slice of what makes you you to your unique home.





What Are Feature Wall Tiles?

Firstly, there are differences between what’s called feature wall tiles from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Some use split face tiles or 3d effect tiles, others may use textured wall tiles for what they call feature tiles. I have a soft spot for all of them and anything that sparks imagination within your home gets both thumbs up from me.



There’s no definite article when it comes to them so do your homework. Google’s your friend, have a think about the impact and focus you’re looking for, and dive in.

From us, our wall tiles use specially sourced glass that is polished to perfection. We then reverse print with whichever pattern design has caught your eye. The super hi-definition digital print is then sealed-in, so no matter what life throws at it, the print can’t be got at and will forever look as good as the day it was created.

Not for every home but we like to think ours are a little more quirky and individual. Big and bold at 500 x 200mm, their vibrancy radiates through the crystal clear glass. Lovely!



Where Would I Use Them?

Looking for inspiration in the kitchen or bathroom tile ideas?

• You can use feature wall tiles like mini glass splashbacks – we use the same thickness and type of toughened glass for tiles and splashbacks so they’ll work just as well behind ovens.

• Behind taps in bathrooms and kitchens also looks incredibly effective – remember they are larger than average. Use white tiles and a statement tap and let the feature tile define the scene as a wonderfully detailed backdrop.




• For creating a feature wall with tiles, I’ve been involved in some stunning installations where the homeowner thought a little outside the box. They used single coloured glossy ceramic tiles and livened up the area with a few Feature Tiles running horizontally within the space. Looked really impressive!

• A subtle (or vivid!) coloured tile dado that compliments within a larger metro tile arrangement.

• It can also create a striking effect when using a combination of Feature Tiles and a matching (or contrasting) splashback in the same space. Tiles behind the sink and a glass splashback behind the cooker – what an impact!

It’s no surprise that there’s growing interest from interior designers for the aesthetic charm and practical utility of the feature wall tiles.

• Use freestanding like a piece of art – some of our pattern ranges lend themselves to leaning up against the wall and filling the room with sparkly shiny goodness! The Chinoiserie and Japonisme art prints certainly don’t look out of place as artworks across a mantel.

Sit back and have a think where they could fit in your home. Feature Tiles are a bit more adaptable, fun and functional than first seems.



How Do I Fit Them?

Pretty much the same as how you’d install standard ceramic tiles.
Tile adhesive in the tub works fine – buy the good stuff and use for your whole tiled wall. We also recommend mirror silicone sealant as we do for the splashbacks – have a look through the installation guide for more info.
Grout as normal and clean with a soft wet cloth to remove excess.

When cleaning our feature tiles, use a soft cloth with nothing abrasive and treat them with respect. Everything is produced using top notch toughened glass. Respect them and they’ll love you right back.


Why Would I Use Feature Wall Tiles?

When designing a bathroom it’s easy to play it safe, but it can result in a style and ambience that is functional but just a bit…..unimaginative.

I wrote another piece about brightening up a bathroom and in that post, Feature Tiles were also key. Why follow the pack and have what everyone else has, why not be different?
You’re here reading this post because you want to have the home everyone talks about – feature wall tiles are new and unique and you know your home deserves them. In one quick flash, your home has the pizazz others don’t!

Feature wall tiles with their colour-pop and patterns add that spark and focal point to whichever room they’re placed.
If the room is predominantly white or off white then adding even one patterned tile makes so much difference. It could be a bold floral print, a subtle line drawing or geometric design. It’s down to your creative flair and that is the instant appeal of Feature Tiles.

Simple to install and for such little effort your room is totally transformed.



Now, what’ve I missed….?
If you’ve got a question or your own ideas (promise not to tell!), talk to us on our social media.

Feature Tiles – patterned, polished and printed tiles exclusively available from For the Floor & More.



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