Paradise glass printed Feature Tile for kitchen bathroom or utility room from For the Floor and More

Feature Tiles Demand Respect in Your Kitchen!

A Brief History of our Luxurious Feature Tiles!



Ok, what’s all this about large format feature tiles? Exactly what is a Feature Tile when it’s at home with its shiny boots on?

We all love bright, airy, elegant rooms but sometimes the task just seems too much like real work.
Be honest, we would all love to change our rooms every season but its just not going to happen.

This is why we buy accessories – lamps, cushions (all your Room Heroes!) but in a kitchen, for example, it can be more difficult to shift to a whole new room theme.

We wrote a blog article about ways to brighten up your kitchen and another looking at ways to make your bathroom pop with colour. This little post is about one item that totally transforms your space with only the minimum of effort or fuss.



And then there was light!

When we were brainstorming ideas back in the beginning of For the Floor & More, one of our team, Louisa, was looking for something to lift her kitchen and make it, dare we say, a little more appealing.

A small space and, (hopefully she won’t be offended!), in need of a little TLC, oomph and wow. Louisa cleaned up what she could and when re-grouting behind the sink she stood back. Thoughts flickered through her mind: “What could really facelift here, create a focus and take the eye away from the rest of the room?” Ok, we added the last bit but you get the picture. She was looking for a sparkle of inspiration and design interest in what otherwise was a pretty plain looking room.

It was when deep in thought slipping in and out with the fairies that Louisa hit upon the glass feature tiles idea.
She was thinking of something bright, colourful, full of drama and easy to fit. Something that would sit comfortably with the rest of the tiles and kitchen finish but something that could still be unique and exude her individual style and character.


Printed and patterned glass feature tiles from


Into Production

Now, when we all heard Louisa’s idea the next day we all thought in unison, “Sure! Let’s see what they look like!”.  The next day down at our glass producers sourcing our crystal clear glass for the printed splashbacks, we started seeing these little ‘uns pop to life.

Back in the lab, our scientists tested different sizes and shapes and eventually settled on the 500 x 200mm rectangle. We think they hit the sweet spot between size and visual impact.
Once the size was agreed, we asked the men in aprons in the next room to hit the green button on the printer, watching in silence as the magic happened!

As with all our specially sourced glass, the clarity and depth of detail are something else. We think when coupled with the high definition print the chaps can achieve, these tiles really put the feature into a feature tile. We see them being used as stand-alone pieces of art as often as mini-splashbacks. Propped up on the mantelpiece looking all shiny and charming!


And we called them Feature Tiles!

Our marketing team thought about calling them ‘ImpacTile’ or ‘TacTile’. Hey, some bright spark even thought of ‘Resistance Is FuTile’, but in the end we thought we’d stick with the simple and stay with ‘Feature Tile‘ knowing that their looks and desirability would speak way more than some marketing genius’ zany name!

We’re adding more and more designs over the coming months. It’s an ongoing process as you’d think – we really want to inspire and help make your home the best it can be!
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Maybe you won’t be stopping at printed Feature Tiles!

We recently launched a collection of tropical patterns and all are available as Feature Tiles – there’s a blog post here all about the jungle tile pattern designs.
With all things Eastern being another super hot choice this season, we also put together a range of tile ideas for the lover of chinoiserie or Japonisme.

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