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Effortlessly Bring the Sunshine Inside This Summer


The flowers are blossoming, the temperature rising, and the skies are getting more selfie-friendly. You guessed it right! That time of the year, which we have all been anxiously waiting for, is finally here – summertime!

You might be staring at your home and wondering what to do with all those last season home items. After all, we revamp our wardrobes during the summer. Why can’t we do the same with our interior decor?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that daunting. Your home is your sanctuary and should be full of positive vibes. After all, summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your year-long’s hard work.
No clue of where to start?
We’ve got plenty of summer home decor ideas and tips to get you inspired.


Let the rays in

Summer is the time we all feel like throwing open our windows to let in that vitamin D-rich sunshine. Besides, nothing smells as good as the summer air. Opening your windows might be a good start, but that sunshine just won’t get through if there are all sorts blocking the rays.


Image of bright sunflowers used in a blog post about summer home decor ideas from For the Floor & More


Start by clearing vegetation near the windows (inside and out!) and moving the furniture. Don’t forget to clean the windowpanes too. Remember, they might have been solidly shut for a better part of the year!

If you don’t have the privilege of having plenty of windows in your home, worry not, for all hope isn’t lost.
Placing mirrors on your walls will not only reflect the little light streaming in, but also add a sense of elegance. And who dislikes being chic? Just remember not to overdo the mirrors though – not everyone likes to catch a spooky glimpse when walking past.

Replacing heavy and dull curtains with light and airy sheers also does the trick. Go for bright-coloured ones for the ultimate summery feel. Colour changing lightbulbs that bring that sunbeam feel will also be a great addition to your sunshine home decor.


Bring the outside inside

During summer, the grass is lush, the flowers are in bloom, and almost everything is covered in foliage. You can try incorporating these sunny elements inside your home for some super summer energy.

Exotic looking plants with broad leaves and unique flowers such as palms, bananas, and Ficus are a beautiful way to bring the warmer seasons to life. Opt for simple maintenance plants if your green fingers aren’t quite…well, green.


Image of cacti houseplants used in a blog post about summer home decor ideas from For the Floor & More


If you are a pet person whose moggy or pup generally doesn’t have a good relationship with these greens, you can get some faux plants or even add in some plant decorated cushions.

Nothing screams summer like flowers! Besides, a bouquet is relatively affordable, so you do not have to break the bank. Make a point of passing by your local florist and grab a gorgeous bunch.

Carnations, lilies, hydrangeas, and roses especially go well in a bouquet. Wondering what you can do with this colourful home decor? Here are five ideas to help you get creative.

  • DIY your existing vases and pots with vibrant colours to give the flowers an added oomph.
  • Use hanging planters, woven baskets to upscale your sunshine home decor.
  • Replace traditional vases with small pots, organic style ceramics, and old wine bottles.
  • Create a wall art by arranging potted flowers on mounted wooden boxes.
  • Reserve some flowers for your kitchen and bathroom to add an overall colourful detail in your home



Revamp your floor and walls

Now, don’t get us wrong. We aren’t implying that you should bring down your walls or completely change your tiles just for a summer feel.
A simple step, like replacing your rugs with colourful mats, can go a long way in improving your home’s mood.



Flooring sometimes is so overlooked when looking for inspo to pop in some colour to home decor. The truth is, a simple change can make a massive difference in the overall look.

Whether your passion is in stripes, polka dots, bold or subtle patterns, our unique patterned flooring could be just the way to go. All our patterns are custom printed and individually designed so you can always add a touch of your personality by selecting your preferred colour and design to reflect your taste.



Walls are so easy to decorate, yet appear to be the most ignored. With a simple art piece, or hanging planters (check number 2), you can be sure to transform your walls from moody to vibrant. Tropical wallpapers or bold geometric designs create a sense of style and bring in some liveliness, plus one can’t possibly go wrong with them.

If you aren’t feeling the wallpaper vibe, then perhaps printed glass splashbacks, stencils, or luxuriously large tiles might just be your taste.


Transform your home into an ocean oasis

There is something about the beach that evokes relaxation vibes and positive energy. And the worst part of it all? Leaving all that goodness behind.

What if we told you there is a way to stay as if you live on a beach minus all that gross sand in your pants.
Seashells! Yes, you heard that right.



There are so many ways you can use seashells to enhance your interior decor.
From using them as flower vases to decorating your walls, these colourful clams are sure to transport you instantly to the coast. Just remember simple is the way to go. You don’t want to be the weird neighbour whose house is full of shells.

So, what if I am not a seashell fanatic? We understand that these ocean beauties aren’t meant for everyone.
Vintage mason sand jars, bohemian prints on your cushions and blankets, handwoven baskets, ceramics, and beach scenes art will also provide a superb visual getaway right inside your living room.


Splash some colour

Although it might sound easy, adding colour to a dull room isn’t always that simple.

Yellow is the colour associated with the sun and is believed to uplift one’s moods in the same way sunshine does. So, why not incorporate some yellow pop in your home to spice up already existing summer interior decor?



Don’t worry; you don’t have to go full-blown yellow to make a summer statement. A couple of accessories such as cushions, throws, flowers, or ceramic bowls or vases will work just as well and make you feel like sunlight is pouring into your home.

Though not a sunny shade, white is a timeless colour that can effortlessly fit into any decor style. Try incorporating white accessories to lighten up the mood while inspiring tranquillity and sophistication. Remember to choose different textured items to add in more depth and character.

So, there you have it. We hope that these summer home decor ideas will shed some inspo on ways to transform your home into summer heaven.

From Louisa – probably too many plants, windows could do with a bit of a clean, and you’ll find me in the garden trying to cool down!


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