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Seaside and coastal patterns - in flooring, in Feature Tiles, in splashbacks. All from For the Floor & More.

Oh, We Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside (All Year Round!)

We are currently at the height of summer: the sun is shining, birds are singing, the ice cream van plays its melodic tune – and every weekend the motorways become gridlocked as thousands of us escape to the seaside.
Being by the coast induces a feeling of calm, part of which is made up of the salty air, bright colours and fun patterns we associate with beach-side destinations.


Image of Hampstead print geometric flooring exlusively from forthefloorandmore.com
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We love seaside and coastal patterns in the summer months, but even as the leaves fall and the nights draw in, we still can’t get enough.
Bringing little hints of summer into the home is, to us, as inherent as bringing back a shell or stick of rock to remind us of days spent in the sunshine.
One way we love to bring the good summer vibes all year round is with brightly-coloured, fun vinyl flooring.


Customer photo of Pimlico coastal pattern vinyl flooring from a customer review of forthefloorandmore.com
Pimlico pattern flooring

What exactly is a coastal pattern?

Everyone has a different take on what constitutes as a seaside or coastal pattern, but for us, it means shades of blue, intricate shapes, and anything that draws emphasis from the beach or sea.
Think mermaid-inspired scallops, pastel shades, detailed patterns reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa, and of course, anything nautical.


Carmel cuban inspired pattern printed geometric flooring exclusively from forthefloorandmore.com
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Even in winter?

Yes, even in winter, seaside and coastal patterns can still look amazing.
Popular beach destinations like Brighton, Lytham, Scarborough and Falmouth don’t lose their appeal during the colder months, and neither does seaside patterned flooring.


Image of Nova mermaid tile pattern printed vinyl flooring by forthefloorandmore.com
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On cold, dark mornings, stepping out of bed and glancing down at the floor can invoke a feeling of hope – it won’t always be this chilly, soon it’ll be warm and we’ll be rolling back to long summer days.
Just as you stick polaroid photos of August bank holidays on the wall as a reminder of good times, your vinyl flooring can provide the same happy memory jog.


Getting creative with colours

Typically, seaside tones are shades of blue, white and purple, but you can get creative with the colours and choose whatever you want because all of our vinyl flooring solutions are fully customisable.


Image of Juni mermaid tile scalloped pattern used in a range of home decor products by For the Floor and More
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While we have premade tons of patterns, feel free to adjust the colour palette – or even add in whole new shapes. Below is an example of a seaside pattern that we took and switched up the colour scheme, proving that you can choose any hue and still retain a coastal feel.


Coastal pattern Feature Tiles

Not sure you can commit to vinyl floors?
They are hard-wearing, affordable and easy to clean, but if you aren’t keen, fear not.
You can still introduce a dose of seaside and coastal pattern to your home using one of our Feature wall Tiles.
Measuring 500x200mm, our Feature Tiles are perfect for adding a touch of personality to your kitchen or bathroom.
Perfect if you’re dipping your toe into the seaside theme idea but aren’t quite ready to dive in!


Image of Lovis mermaid tile pattern printed glass Feature Tile by forthefloorandmore.com
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For more colour inspiration, we’ve got posts full of pastels, Tutti Frutti tidbits, and even more about mermaid tails!

Thank you for reading and for any free samples of these coastal patterns or any of our flooring designs, just fill out the request box on each pattern page and we’ll pop one in the post.

Josie – holidays in North Wales, amateur sandcastle builder, raspberry ripple please with plenty of sauce and a flake!

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