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Why We Love Graphic Prints On Floors!

The year is almost 2020… We are officially living in the future.


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In the past, people dreamed that the future would be full of flying cars and teleportation, but nowadays, the reality is more VR, AI and other acronyms that we don’t always understand.
However, one thing we do have nowadays – that simply was not an option in eras gone by! – is brightly-coloured vinyl flooring. Okay, we had the florals and the full-on 70s lino but they were few and far between. Previous decades had to opt for heavy and expensive wood or beige and dull carpet.

But in 2019, we can choose from infinite designs that have been created by humans and computers and transformed into the ultimate flooring solution. Graphic prints are a fine example of futuristic flooring, and we can’t get enough. Here’s why:


Unusual pattern printed flooring

From wavy lines to geometric patterns, repeating circles to zany zig-zags, there are so many choices to make your home your own with graphic prints.

The range of patterns is guaranteed to make your space more fun and eye-catching and help it to stand out. (Plus some serious friend and neighbour envy!)
Let’s be honest… are you really going to choose something plain when there are so many options for unusual and unique designs available?




Fun colours for graphic prints

Since BGPF (that’s Before Graphic Printed Flooring!), flooring has been restricted to a certain range of colours – usually neutral and natural colours: plain mahogany, white marble etc.
But today we can choose from any colour in the world. If it exists, you can get it made into a flooring solution that adds a large dose of fun to the home.

Graphic prints typically include a range of bright and vibrant colours, which is another one of the reasons we are so obsessed.



Banning the beige

If you don’t know about #banthebeige, you need to get with the programme!
It’s the philosophy we live by here at For the Floor and More.
We understand that there can sometimes be a time and place for all things beige and taupe.
But, if you can choose to have a floor that simply smacks of colour-pop and fun in its design, then why wouldn’t you?



Because of their intricate design, graphic prints lend themselves to including a wide range of colours.
This makes it even easier to ban the beige: even if your design has some element of ‘neutral’ to it, the different shapes and styles help brighten it up.
See our popular Ancoats pattern below for an example – monochrome has been given a colourful upgrade by adding a few rainbow shades.



Completely customisable!

Perhaps our favourite thing about graphic prints is how they can be completely customised.
While we have created dozens of fun and detailed designs, we also provide customers with the option to customise any aspect.

Don’t like the colours? Swap them out. Love the pattern but want it smaller? No worries!
Whatever the change and wherever we can, we are more than happy to accommodate it.



If you’re interested in getting some vinyl flooring in your home, why not browse our existing collection or get in touch here?

All of our floorings start from £48 per s/m and comes in extra wide panels of up to 2.9m wide – unless you request otherwise – which makes it easy to install and reduces the number of joins.

Go on, get some colour into your life with our bright and bold floor covering!

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