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Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Tutti Frutti flooring

The phrase “Tutti Frutti” probably conjures up an image of sweets, almost tasting the sugary words as you say them out loud.



Sweets and flooring solutions aren’t two phrases you usually put together, but in this case, it works.
The colours of Tutti Frutti sweets (or candy, for our American friends) might be packed with E-numbers and cause sugar rushes, but they are incredibly eye-catching and fun.
And at For the Floor and More, we think interior design should be just that.



The shades of yellow, red, pink, purple and green used in the sweets can work as a fantastic base for your interior design landscape.
While people may think of vinyl flooring as traditionally black and white, or with muted tones from the 1970s, using brighter tones helps distribute the colour evenly throughout the room.
The hues add a creative, fun feel to the room while simultaneously working to “ban the beige”.



Tutti Frutti inspired flooring lends itself to maximalist homes with lots of colour, but it can also be used for more subtle houses.
For example, you could pair bold, candy pink flooring with white walls and rose gold accessories, adding a feminine feel to the home.
Deep green flooring could be used to form part of a minimalist, botanical-inspired home, with the tones perfectly offsetting the leafy textures.
Buttercup yellow vinyl flooring is also a great way to bring your own sunshine indoors.



Because all of our vinyl flooring is completely customisable, you can really go to town on creating your own Tutti Frutti mash-up.

Add, swap and change all the colours if you like, opt for one solid colour, or choose a combination of several sugar-rich shades. If you’re really committed to the theme, you could team the flooring with brightly coloured walls and candy-stained furniture to create a home the Gingerbread House could only aspire to be.



So, why vinyl flooring? Obviously, we are a little bit biased, because we love the stuff. But it’s not without reason that we’ve created a business based around it.
It is incredibly durable (pet-proof, toddler-proof, even angry-teenager-proof) which makes it great for fast-paced households. Despite its durability, it is a softer material than most woods or laminates, which adds to the comfort of your home and helps to keep it cosy.



Generally speaking, vinyl flooring is famously easy to install, but we’ve made it even easier as all of our panels are at least 2.9 metres wide. This means fewer joins, and less difficulty installing your newfound Tutti Frutti flooring favourite.
You won’t need to call the DIY SOS team to redo your floors – just a few pairs of hands and some glue or tape.

Interested in getting some Tutti Frutti flooring to satisfy your sweet tooth? Get in touch with us here, or browse our full range of flooring.


Josie, Tutti Frutti fanatic with a (not so) secret penchant for sugary sweets.


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