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6 Ways to Bring the Outside In This Summer

When summertime rolls around, you are probably so sick of the winter that you never want to come back inside. While enjoying the outdoors during the summertime is one of the best parts of the warmest season, you (sadly) cannot stay outside forever, and will at some point have to return inside your home.

Instead of having your home feel cold and lifeless, why not bring the outside indoors and make your home a luxurious summertime hangout space all year-round?
Following are 6 great home décor ideas to help you do just that.


  1. Buy or DIY Some Rustic Decor



One of the best ways to bring the outdoors inside is to buy or DIY some rustic decor for your home.
This weather worn look is a token of the outdoors but also looks fantastic inside your home. Whether you are looking for a small accent piece such as a coaster made out of wood or a large accent piece like a wall lantern or a vase made out of twigs. These accents bring a fresh and outdoorsy look to your home decor.


  1. Get Plants… A Lot of Them



Bringing the outside in is not the only benefit of having a whole lot of plants in your home. Plants are a beautiful accent to your home that makes it look airy and outdoorsy. The colours of plants will accent any colour scheme in your home and are also great for the air quality in your home.

Not only will it be like you are outdoors when you are indoors, but you will be breathing fresher, cleaner air like you are outdoors as well! If you are prone to killing your plants, then there are a lot of options for people who don’t exactly have green thumbs, such as cacti and succulents.


  1. Bring More Light into Your Home



If you are currently renovating your home, you have the luxury of being able to control the amount and location of windows. However, if you’re not in the process of building or renovating a home, then not all hope is lost!

You need to make sure that you are getting as much light through your windows as possible. This means clearing or trimming any bushes or trees blocking sunlight from entering your home and keeping the blinds open.
If you don’t have a lot of windows, then try natural toned lightbulbs, and extra lamps and light sources.


  1. Use Some Rattan Furniture Pieces



Rattan is the wicker furniture that is typically used to furnish outdoor spaces, but it can look great indoors as well.
Using rattan furniture in your home will help create a chic and stylish look, as well as give your home more of an outdoorsy feel.
Not feeling bold enough to ditch your couch for a rattan set? Try an end table or a rattan ottoman and see how it brings the outdoors inside!


  1. Decorate with Elements Found in Nature


There are so many ways that you can decorate your home with elements that are found in nature. While plants are one of them (see number 2), you can also use other more non-traditional elements like fruit, pine cones, leaves, pressed flowers, rocks, etc.

Fruit makes a great centrepiece on your table or accent on your kitchen counter: who doesn’t love edible decorations? Or you could have a basket of pine cones or wreaths of leaves.



Another great outdoor decoration for inside is seashells. A big basket of seashells in your bathroom will make you feel like you are in a cottage by the sea.


  1. Use Natural Woods and Bright Colours


If you are thinking about redoing the flooring in your house, try a natural wood as opposed to a tile or finished wood floor.
There are a lot of great options for natural wood flooring that look like they came straight from the tree but are still safe so that you and your family won’t get splinters when walking barefoot.



Another great trick is to open up and brighten your space using bright and/or earthy colours.
White is a great option for this because it will reflect the light that hits it, making your space seem more like an outdoor space than if you were using a darker colour that absorbs light.



Enjoy the Outdoors, Indoors


When you have to go indoors during the summertime, you don’t want it to feel dark and cold. Instead, bring these aspects of the outdoors into your home and still feel like you’re enjoying summer.



For inspiration from our store, we’ve embraced the bold and the bright when it comes to some of our large-scale floral wallpapers and flowery splashbacks. Talk about bringing the outside indoors in a big way!


By Josie, enjoying the sunshine (fingers crossed it will last…!)


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