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Large Floral Wallpaper Designs – 5 Must-Have Murals

Large Flower Wallpaper For The Most Elegant of Walls

Like some of our designs for Feature Tiles and glass splashbacks – see this post on floral glass splashbacks for kitchens – we’ve fallen head over heels for the latest super-trend of bold, beautiful & big floral wallpapers.

Now, when we say big we mean really big!


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And when we say bold we mean really bold!


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Colossal & Colourful Wallpaper Design

Large floral wallpaper murals are just the thing to add a dash of the fantastical botanical to your space. Flowers exude a calming sense of serenity and elegance to the home – does every home not need a bit more of this?
Lie back, look up and enjoy the outside in.

Large-scale flowers adorning walls envelop your secret hideaway. That corner of your home reserved for you, a good book and your ever-loving pet curled up on your lap.
Statement florals create a wonderful, colourful refuge from the world – a tranquil place for cool contemplation.

Pick a large floral wallpaper for the feature wall. Create a personal, individual space designed with the purpose of calming the mood and releasing the day’s tension.
Make the room your own with oversized rose prints emblazoned across the wall. Large floral patterns resemble power-flower fireworks cascading along the surface. Sweeping blooms lavishly decorate the home.

Painterly passionate petals hang gently over beds, cossetting your senses whilst you lay back and enjoy the moment.

Take your time and make the moment last.


Image of Giada large scale floral pattern wallpaper mural design from used in a blog post about large scale floral patterned wallpaper
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Reminiscent of images created from the brushes of the Dutch masters, large modern floral wallpaper is destined to be a classic look for years to come. Modern digital technology has made prints as grand of these possible.
We can change the image to best suit your room and send over a proof showing your large-scale beauty in all its pre-printed glory.
Approve the design’s size and it’s over to production where the panels are created.

Our wallpaper murals are all installed by using the simple paste-the-wall method. We promise you’ll feel as calm and collected during fitting as you will afterwards as you lose yourself in your new sophisticated space.


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Camille floral wallpaper design


Moody & Monochrome Large Floral Wallpaper Patterns

Our new range covers both sides of the flowery scene – one gloriously bright and popping with colour. The other a deeply moody and monochrome wallpaper floral feel.
Which side are you on?


Image of Ilaria large scale floral pattern wallpaper mural design from used in a blog post about this years hot trend of large scale floral wallpapers.
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Whichever side you join, either dark and sensuous or bright and fuelled with passion, after your room is complete you can look forward to getting back after a day at work.
Close your front door, slip out of your shoes.
Pop the cork in that bottle, slide yourself into that comfy chair.

It’s your space, breathe out, relax.

You’re home.


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