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New Floral Splashback Designs – which one matches your kitchen?

New Floral Splashbacks – Flower Power On Glass!

Printed Floral Glass Splashbacks

It seems rather apt that, as we finally turn the season’s corner after the dark & cold winter months, big and bold floral designs are breaking ground in this year’s spring and summer collections.

From the high street to the catwalk, colourful and vibrant floral motifs are big news and expect to see them everywhere and definitely on-trend. Our floral glass splashbacks for kitchens are no different.

Of course, flowers never seem to fade out of fashion – there are changes in design from muted pastels to the energetic primaries, but pick the right blooms and you’ve got something classic and timeless in your wardrobe or in your home.
We think we’ve picked some classic beauties in our growing collection of floral glass splashback designs!


Image of Freya design dark moody splashback from
Shop Freya dark floral pattern glass splashback


Image of Nerine design as a floral glass splashback designed to add colour and focus to your home.
Shop Nerine pattern splashback


Here at For the Floor & More, we’re big fans of all things floral. Dramatic sprouting flowers entwining across feature walls, languid petals and leaves stretched out along large format printed tiles; we just can’t get enough!
We’re sure that if we ever get the time to spare we’d be kept happy for hours with foam bricks, ribbons, wire, and a pair of secateurs!
Now back to the floral ideas for kitchen splashbacks.


Image of Alida floral pattern design as a glass printed splashback is all about the cubes and the colour from
Shop Alida floral pattern


Image of Elsa patterned glass splashback available from
Shop Elsa pattern splashback


For the focus point within your room, a printed kitchen glass splashback adorned with a decorative floral design adds a visual treat to a sometimes more simple setting. Like a shiny work of art – floral glass splashbacks are functional yet phenomenal!
Fit one to break up a straight flow of white tiles above the countertop or behind the oven to keep the space fresh and easily cleaned. A bespoke pattern will also make a dramatic show of your style and individuality.
You and your home are unique! Don’t forget to show it.


Image of Bellance floral pattern design as a glass printed splashback is all about the cubes and the colour from
Shop Bellance floral design


Image of Ila floral patterned glass splashback available from
Shop Ila patterned splashback


Here we’ve curated together some of our favourite designs and patterns from our store. We hope you like them as much as we do and we’d love to hear your kitchen ideas and inspiration on our social media.


Image of Chloe design as a floral glass splashback designed to add colour and focus to your home.
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Image of Janna floral patterned glass splashback available from
Shop Janna glass splashback


Janna is all about the colours. A luxurious deep black background sets off the green, pinks and yellows with fabulous effect. A sumptuous flower splashback for your kitchen. Place above a dark worktop and be prepared for some serious neighbour and friend envy!


Image of Carin floral patterned glass splashback available from
Buy Carin pattern printed splashback


If your kitchen has any accent of cream or purple – towels or a vase maybe – Carin design with its large outstretched petals and leaves would look stunning. Sized for impact and drama. Anyone stepping into this kitchen, prepare to be wowed!


Calla Light printed glass kitchen splashback exclusively from
Shop Calla Light kitchen splashback


Elegant Calla lilies lead upwards behind the glass to create a soft and serene pattern. Calla as a glass splashback floral design really compliments a white or off-white wall and cream coloured cabinets.


Image of Kelde floral patterned glass splashback available from
Buy Kelde floral pattern kitchen splashback


As our description states: Large-scale white and pink peonies flourish across a darkened background that’s as refined and elegant as a bouquet full of the real flowers. A soft watercolour style pattern that combines luxurious sophistication with a serene flowing beauty.
Simply a beautiful design (if we may say so ourselves!) and utterly charming as a printed floral splashback design.


Image of Petal in Blue floral patterned glass splashback available from
Petal In Blue design


A beautiful deep blue background with off-white tipped lighter petals and flowers. Petal in Blue is one of our most popular designs and we can easily see why. The dark shades look phenomenal behind glass and the pattern flows with a charm and delicacy that’s guaranteed to turn heads in any setting.
A floral design glass splashback for the most discerning of homes.

Floral Inspiration On The High Street



Image of Abilene design as a floral glass splashback designed to add colour and focus to your home.
Abilene glass splashback


Tropical flower glass splashbacks


Paradise pattern large-scale floral kitchen glass splashback from
Buy Paradise design splashback


The Strelitzia or bird of paradise flower is one of our favourites and, due to its unique looks, certainly one of the most iconic plants to incorporate within patterns. Its angular outreaching petals seem almost at odds with something like a rose; it looks like a bloom from another world.
The delicate pastel green background helps pick up the soft yellows and oranges of the flower. This design looks stunning in a pale green, yellow or off-white room setting. A floral splashback infused with tropical passion!


Image of Bora-bora pattern design for glass splashback from
Shop Bora-bora pattern splashback


Image of Eline pattern design as a printed glass splashback from
Shop Eline pattern splashback


We pride ourselves on the clarity of print we can achieve on glass from our modern digital techniques. An exclusive floral splashback wouldn’t look out of place hung up on your wall as an art print!



If you’ve never seen the quality with your own peepers, let us know and we’ll ship out a sample square.
We can also produce any bespoke floral splashback size up to fit behind Aga and range cookers. Looking for something from your own artwork, photography or designs no problem, just ping over an email to chat.

Looking for some info on how to fit your new floral splashback? We’ve got a post here that runs through splashback installation and upkeep. Want to know the quality we produce? Click on this post for glass splashback reviews.

If these ideas for kitchen splashbacks are just not for your room or you’re looking for something special to go behind the taps or similar, check out our large format Feature Tiles for more inspiration or our latest Tropical pattern tiles and splashbacks.

PS. We’re compiling a lookbook for interior inspiration 2018 (it includes wallpapers, flooring as well as more ideas for floral splashbacks) and we know you’ll fall in love with it!
Add your email info below and it’ll be sent out as soon as its all finished and looking tip-top.

Thanks for reading and remember: your home is unique. Don’t forget to show it!



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