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How to Fit A Glass Splashback

Or 3 Simple Steps To Kitchen Splashback Bliss!


Ok, so you’ve pored over the pretty patterns and colours.
You’ve hinted at, mentioned and outright cajoled your partner with the idea of really sprucing up the kitchen with one of these modern glass splashbacks.
You’re there now, the decision made, mouse hovering over the buy it now button but there’s one more thing. One little voice in the background, one little squeak (well, my internal voice is squeaky…) asking one last question….


How Do I Go About Fitting This Glass Splashback?  


Well, fear not and hush that little (squeaky) voice. I’m here to help and get you up to speed.
I’m sure you’ll find glass splashback fitting pretty easy once you’ve got through our little guide on how to install.

Simply put, and we’ll go into a bit more detail further down, stick to this plan and you’ll end up fine and dandy:


  • Before ordering, measure up the space and make sure any plaster or paint on the wall is dry, not flaky and capable of holding the splashback.
  • To install the splashback, apply the silicone to the back of the glass in 20mm sized blobs and around 100mm apart.
  • Lift the splashback into position and gently push down to make sure its flat against the wall. Use spacers to keep the splashback from resting directly on the cooker.


When you’re measuring up your wall, check your worktops are level and everything is secure. Same with the hob – use a spirit level just to make sure.
Pro tip: If you find your eggs always slide to one side of the pan, it’s not level!


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Chinoiserie style splashbacks


Make sure the wall is nice and flat. When the silicone is applied you can always apply more to lift an uneven side that’s a bit lower but you wouldn’t want to be doing this more than necessary.
As with all DIY jobs, fail to prepare and prepare…ok, you get the idea.


After unwrapping your new glass splashback, lay it face down on something soft whilst you work away. A towel or blanket is fine. With your splashback, it’s the start of a whole new home décor relationship so let’s start the right way.


For sticking it to the wall, we recommend as a glass splashback adhesive sealant, a neutral clear solvent-free silicone (also known as mirror adhesive or low modular neutral cure silicone – phew!). Its got great bonding strength, quick to cure and is water resistant so just the thing for the job.

After you’ve applied the silicone to the back of the splashback in roughly 20mm blobs and 100mm apart, lift the glass to the wall and into position.


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Pro tip: Use 2mm spacers between the cooker and the splashback whilst the silicone is curing. Lift the splashback on to these spacers when fitting to the wall and don’t forget to remove these spacers once the silicone has cured.

Once the splashback is behind the hob and in position, gently push down evenly all across its surface. Make sure it feels like a good firm bond from top to bottom and side to side and check it isn’t ‘wobbly’ on one side or corner.
If it is, gently lift back and remove from the wall and place a little more adhesive on the side that is lower to even it out. Apply to the wall again and have another gentle push over to check this time it is more secure and snug.


All in place? Looking good? I bet it is! I see our glass splashbacks printed and off to their new homes and love the way the print looks behind the glass and how it shines. (Good job I do this for a business I guess. Anyway, back to the install guide, this isn’t about me….)

After its all cured, apply sealant to the gap left at the bottom from the 2mm spacers. Run the same sealant all around the splashback making sure it fills the gap between glass and wall neatly.


Image of Corinne design as a floral glass splashback designed to add colour and focus to your home.
Corinne splashback


Done! See, wasn’t too difficult was it? Follow our glass splashback fitting instructions and we’ve got your (splash)back. Ok, bad pun.

We are in the process of recording installation videos for all our products. In the meantime, while someone in the office works out the camera, there’s a good one here on Youtube. We are not linked to this company but if you prefer watching to reading, go right ahead and give it a watch.



Keeping It Clean

When it comes to cleaning your glass splashback to keep it super shiny and sparkly, follow these simple steps:


  • Try to clean off any splashes as soon as you can. The longer you leave that curry or beans, the harder your job will be.
  • Don’t use anything more abrasive than a soft cloth. Scourers, wash pads, brillo – all a no-no. Our splashbacks have feelings too you know.
  • With your soft cloth in hand, spray or wet the glass with a mild soapy detergent or glass cleaner.
  • Give it a gentle wipe side to side making sure any greasy marks or stains are lifted clean off. Keep going until its all looking tip top once again.
  • Use another soft cloth to remove the detergent and dry off the glass.
  • If streaks are left on the surface, take a super soft cloth and give the dry splashback another wipe – circular actions work especially well – and buff to finish.


Keep to this cleaning regime and you’ll have a glass splashback shinier than that guy down the road who spends all Sunday polishing his Golf GTi!


Image showing an Iver pattern splashback used in a blog post about installing glass splashbacks from for the floor and more


You stopped by this post looking for info on how to fit a splashback behind a cooker and I hope you find these fitting instructions helpful.
I’m sure it’s not now quite as daunting as that little (squeaky..) voice told you it might be.

If you need any more moral support or want to show us your new glass splashback installation, look us up on social media – we’d love to see!

PS. Looking for more to get the inspo flowing? Check out our post on kitchen splashback ideas

Thanks for reading and remember: your home is unique. Don’t forget to show it!


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