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Is Your Kitchen Party-Ready? Home Décor To Dance To!

Make Your Room The Centre of Attention This Season!

There are many unexplained mysteries in life.
What’s really in the Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness, who or what is Bigfoot ….and why does everyone end up in the kitchen at parties?

If you’ve calendar dates circled for get-togethers during the next couple of months, take a look around that bustling entertainment hub otherwise known as your kitchen.
Is it ready to impress the guests?

I’ve put together this post with some décor and kitchen ideas to help celebrate your space.
If everyone is going to congregate in the kitchen, let’s give them a real reason to be in there!


Image of a Busy party kitchen ideas from a blog post by


Dancing On The Tables

Firstly, if all those snacks and tidbits aren’t out on parade and in all their glory, you’re missing a major moment to impress.
Missing a nice big table to hold all those pigs in blankets and curly fries?
This really needs to be your first priority.
Thankfully, if you haven’t got thousands to spend, Ikea do some great options. I particularly like this one here.


Image of a Party table kitchen ideas from a blog by
From Pinterest


If you’ve already got the table but it proudly wears the battle scars of kids meals, boards games and homework pens, treat it to a bright and bold tablecloth.
This Nazca geometric tablecloth from John Lewis is a real head-turner. Another option is to use a table runner instead of a full tablecloth.
Make sure it’s a colour that really brings out the best of your room.


Image of a John Lewis tablecloth used in a blog post by


Bet You Look Good On The (Dance) Floor

If the table is all set and ready to impress, what is it sitting on?
Fancy something a bit more glamorous than beige carpet or white lino?

We’ve got just the flooring with our NuVifloor vinyl flooring. Full on bright patterns and colours designed to stop your party guests in their tracks and catch their jaws as they drop!

If you want to have the party that everyone is still talking about in January (for good reasons!), we’ve got your back. Have a look in the store for ideas.


Image of Strand geometric flooring from
Geometric flooring from For the Floor & More


So your floor is up to the task of wowing all the revellers and the table is overflowing with the sweet and the savoury. What fresh kitchen ideas are left that will add a bit of contemporary sparkle?

If you’re looking for a modern kitchen idea that will create the point of focus, what about a sophisticated and luxurious glass splashback? Pick the right pattern for your space and its the simplest install that adds tons of impact.
Ideas for floral illustrations, tropical designs and more colourful kitchen splashback inspiration, splashbacks have one purpose in mind – to get your party started!


Image of Momo design as a wonderfully detailed printed glass splashback available from
Momo oriental design


Searching for something a little smaller? Check out our exclusive printed Feature Tiles – same unique style but dinkier and just as shiny.


Image of Floral feature tile from
Corinne floral Feature Tile


Ok, so I didn’t get to tie up the hows and whys of the Bermuda Triangle or whether Nessie is really there just under the surface…… I didn’t even get to the bottom of why everyone ends up stood around in the kitchen.  (Ahem, probably the food…)
Hopefully though, I have got you all fired up with kitchen ideas and inspiration.

All that’s left is for you to put on those dancing shoes and make your space the centre of attention this season.

PS – We’re compiling a lookbook for interior inspiration 2018 (it includes wallpapers, flooring as well as more kitchen ideas). We know you’ll fall in love with it!
Add your email info below and it’ll be sent out as soon as its all finished and looking tip-top.


Looking for more ideas?