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New Year, New Home – Home Decor Ideas To Kickstart 2020!

The New Year feels like a natural opportunity to reflect on areas of our lives we’d like to update, improve, learn more about or eradicate.
The first day of a new year, and in this case a new decade, gives us a gentle push to convert these reflections into actions, from the small – “this year I’m going to make my own pasta” – to the larger-scale ambitions – “I’m finally going to tackle that garden”.
Life is busy, and certain desires naturally take a back seat where necessities claim shotgun, but a new year hands us an opportunity to explore new ventures and hit refresh.


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One area that crops up in New Year’s resolutions repeatedly is giving our spaces a spruce to better reflect our changing tastes and style or just to make our homes more comfortable and feel more like our cosy special place.

It’s certainly a conversation we feel we can add our two penny piece to (making homemade pasta requires the patience and dextrousness we can’t fathom) so here are a few of our tips to giving your home a new feel, without any wild splurges.



The power of paint

It’s remarkable how much difference a new lick of colour can make to a space.
You might be sporting an outdated, dark shade or a safe generic magnolia that doesn’t reflect your penchant for loud and bold shades.
If the latter is true, but cream nicely complements the rooms design, even a fresh wash of the same hue lifts the colour that will have dulled/chipped/marked over time.

If the former rings true for you and a statement colour that was gleefully splashed on when *insert whimsical shade name* was all the rage but now doesn’t hold the same joy, perhaps a fresh white might be considered.
White invariably makes a space seem bigger, fresher and provides a blank canvas for a whole host of colour punches through artwork, picture frames or accessories. It’s timeless and extremely forgiving.



Neutral colours on the walls also pave the way for experimentation in other areas, such as flooring.

If you’re currently sporting an impractical carpet or high maintenance tiling, maybe some vinyl flooring could be just the ticket.
Our floorcoverings ranges are a landscape of colour, pattern and design from modern geometric to bold, glamorous florals.



What’s more, our range of replica Victorian tile vinyl flooring boasts all of the allure of tiling with added practicality (they’re easy to keep clean and a doddle to install) as well as being less of a strain on the wallet.



Once any paintwork refresh has been ticked off, perhaps a foray into the world of wallpaper could be next on the agenda?



Wallpaper has come a long way in recent years: our collection, in particular, is wipe-washable and durable but doesn’t compromise on detail or texture.
It can seem a daunting prospect, but introducing pattern and colour, even if only on one wall, can really personalise and upgrade a space. Designs consisting of botanicals or wildlife can make you feel closer to nature, whereas abstract patterns can create a stand-out, modern feel.



A statement piece of furniture

If you’re trying to create a fresh new feel to any given space, it’s not always necessary to employ the age-old Phil and Kirsty (Channel 4 legends of all things home) of knocking walls down.
Sometimes you could simply introduce a new piece of furniture that will inject just the right amount of buzz when you enter the room or cater to a change of requirements you have for that space.
Perhaps your sofa is on the wrong end of the ‘comfortably loved’ scale, or your dining table didn’t quite allow the elbow room for your Christmas dinner invite list.
January sales are a perfect excuse to peruse for an upgrade for that cool new piece.



A statement item can create a whole new feel to a room and can provide an opportunity to ease yourself into a new interior style. For example, a plush velvet sofa in a deep navy could be a gentle introduction to an art-deco look or a clean-lined, pale-wood dining table could be the beginning of a Scandi aesthetic. It’s playtime!


Accessories and plants

 Another way to rejuvenate a space without splurging is to add some new accessories and trinkets.
They’re fun to shop for, less of a commitment and they really can make a huge amount of difference!
If large expanses of bold colour unnerve you a little, you might experiment with a loud vase or patterned photo frame.
Your personal style permitting, you could embrace the maximalist, eclectic trend by building up a collection of trinkets you’ve collected on holiday or are drawn to in little indie interior shops.
Or invest in some open shelving, or a ladder shelf, and allow your book collection to multitask as a decorative statement.



Artwork is a great way to add some colour and intrigue: you could get a canvas made of one of your favourite landscapes or purchase some fun art that appeals to you – whether it’s something eye-catching and abstract, a vintage poster or a graceful watercolour.

Another key trend for 2020 are Japanese-inspired interiors – in particular the undone, homemade-looking essence of Wabi-Sabi – so you could even try your hand at a pottery class to create your own unique pieces!



These are just a few ways we recommend for hitting refresh on your surroundings.
It’s important to create a space that you’re happy to spend time in and one that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Surely, that’s what interior design is all about?


Louisa – (try to go 50:50 decaf, finish the garden, sort out that dripping shower)





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