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Flawless Floral Flooring For The Most Fantastic of Floors!

Many of us shy away from using florals in the home.
Common worries include the space looking overcrowded and too busy, or like something you’d find in your grandparents’ house (think flowery curtains and tablecloths).



However, there are ways to incorporate florals – and the colour and fun associated with them! – into your house while keeping it looking tasteful and modern.
Floral flooring is an up to date on-trend way to do this.



But first, a little history lesson.
The journey of floral interiors is long and varied. While they’ve been featured in furnishings for centuries, they made their foray into mainstream interior design in the 1950s.
Floral upholstery was huge during this decade, taking form in sofas and draped curtains. Inspired by an Early American style, homes came alive with soft prints and the romance of flowers.



While soft florals were popular in the 1950s, the 1960s were much more maximalist in their approach.
Flower power had arrived, and interior florals evolved into bolder and brighter prints.
This continued into the 1970s when floral prints became saturated and featured even bolder shades, but saw a decline in the 1980s, as they regressed to their traditional origins of upholstery and soft furnishings.



Today, florals have a fun, retro association and often use a mix of petals and leaves.
Brands like Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley offer traditional, feminine floral patterns which are popular in the home.
Drawing on influence from the 1960s, vibrant, kitsch florals are also now widespread within the home.

Due to their long history, florals will never go out of style.



Floral Vinyl Flooring

This is exactly what the vinyl floral flooring designs here at For the Floor and More represent.
Creative and fun, our designers look to upcoming trends in the interiors world and interprets them with our own unique twist.



While our floral designs lend themselves to the centre stage, you don’t have to have an all-white theme to make it work for you. We offer a wide range of colourways to complement your wall coverings and furniture – and almost all of our vinyl flooring is fully customisable.
Choose from bigger blooms, abstract shapes, and more neutral, pared-back designs. We also offer Feature Tiles and splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms if you aren’t ready to commit to a floral floor quite yet.



If having the feature floor that’ll catch everyone’s eye just wasn’t enough, vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and easy to clean. It makes for a great choice for busy households.
Our floor coverings all come in larger panels (up to 2.9m wide) making them much easier to fit with fewer, if any, joins.
Fewer pieces let the floral flooring pattern run super smoothly across the floor.



Have a browse of our full range here and ask for a sample when you spot a floral flooring that might just grow on you!



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Thanks for reading and let us know your flower inspo over on our social media.
Louisa – big, colourful sunflowers with a healthy dash of the daisies!



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