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Pop Art retro funky wallpaper and glass splashback from

Retro Wallpapers & Pop Art Splashbacks!

Put a little Pop Art on Your Walls This Season!


Pop art girl 4 wallpaper mural - inspired by pop art and available as bespoke wallpapers and custom glass splashbacks from
Pop Art Girl 4


For years, on the wall in my little cubbyhole of an office were two framed prints from the Tate.
One showed a plane tilted precariously on its side enveloped in reds and yellows in the milliseconds after being struck by a missile. One misspelt word above it followed by an exclamation mark – an onomatopoeia (apologies, big word for a Monday!)
The other was an illustration of the plane firing the missile. A short sentence in a bubble above, ‘I pressed the fire control….’ The perfect angle, our viewpoint looking down the plane directly sighted across to its intended target.

They hung either side of my window, projectiles blasting from one side of the roller blind to the other. It was only when moving offices did they come down and (not yet) go back up. – Note to self, something to do this weekend.

These prints, of course, are the two works of Whaam! by Roy Lichtenstein.
Based on a comic book drawing from 1962, it was the bold defined lines and colour that first drew me in. The mystery of the battle – no story arc to explain its narrative – that kept me intrigued.
A deceptively simple comic book style that lit my imagination for many years whilst hung up on the wall. This simplicity, its sense of time and place, the Whaam! font diagonally across the second panel and the almost blasé report from the missile’s launcher – it’s these things that make it something special to me.
Along with the fact it’s just a great slice of pop art cool!


roy_lichtenstein_work_Kiss V pop art image used in a blog post by
Roy Lichtenstein – Kiss V


Pop Art Makes for A Real Decor Statement!

I’m not too sure whether its an age thing (my age!) but that’s the way with Pop Art.
Is it because of its foothold in the 60s, the characters and artists, or the work itself? It is certainly one of those art moments that grabs you by the lapels and doesn’t settle for less than full attention.
The works of Andy Warhol – simple screen printed soup cans and repeated Marilyns or Elvii (is this the plural of Elvis?) – images that once seen create such a lasting impression.

Close your eyes for a moment, think Pop Art.
I bet it’s one of Warhol’s works that springs to mind.

Pop Art took the every day – a can, a comic book – and by representing it through paints and inks found a new way of breaking with established traditional themes. In the UK we had Peter Blake and David Hockney creating artworks in similar styles – Pop Art stretching firmly across the globe.

Now we are years after the movement, it’s easy to forget the impact of Pop Art. In a contemporary art world of Emins, Hirsts and Banksys, older sometimes loses its edge.
It’s like playing a Hendrix album to your kids and being told that Ed Sheeran also plays guitar, you know!


Andy Warhol , Marilyn Diptych, 1962 from Tate and used by in a blog post
Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych, 1962


Retro Wallpaper Designs & Pop Art Funky Glass Splashbacks!

Pop Art made an indelible mark on the culture then and still causes many ripples now. We wanted to source a small series of designs that hopefully follow in its large footprints.
Created for impact on a wall at home as a printed bespoke wallpaper, or for in the kitchen or bathroom as a glass splashback, these would also look fantastic in a commercial wallcovering project.

Imagine a hotel lobby or behind the bar with one of these emblazoned across the wall – wow!

We’ve added an option in that’s just a bit different from the norm. Either leave the speech bubbles blank for impact and intrigue or let us know your story and we’ll fit in place. We’ll always email you a proof to see what you think. Clever, eh?

Unique wallpaper designs just got a little more individual.


Pop Art Girl 1 retro wallpaper and glass splashback from
Pop Art Girl 1 Wallpaper Mural & Splashback


Pop Art Girl 2 retro wallpaper and glass splashback from
Pop Art Girl 2 Wallpaper Mural & Splashback


Pop Art Girl 3 retro wallpaper and glass splashback from
Pop Art Girl 3 Wallpaper Mural & Splashback


Pop Art Girl 4 retro wallpaper and glass splashback from
Pop Art Girl 4 Wallpaper Mural & Splashback


We love the serene and the floral for wallpapers and splashbacks. There will always be a place for classic large floral images in the home, but sometimes only the big and bold will do!
Make a real statement for your next feature wall. Made to measure wallpaper with no fuss, no waste and created individually for your home.

Glass splashbacks like works of art! There’s something about the crystal clear line drawings on the glass that looks superb. Want a sample of our print quality? Just drop us a line.

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