Wide width pattern vinyl flooring available exclusively from For the Floor and More

Why Wide Width Vinyl Flooring Works!

One Piece & Wide Width – Has our Vinyl Got The Lot?

When we first started sourcing a vinyl for our designs, we put together a wish list of what we thought was important.

Durable, non-slip, look great (obvs!)….all check. But what about the size…?



Seeing other products offered at such narrow widths as just over a metre, we knew that no-one wanted join after join stretching out across their floors.
But what if a wider width vinyl just didn’t exist?



It might have taken a while of scouring and searching for a wide width flooring, but thankfully it was available.
And importantly, it also worked a treat!


Image showing the rolls of wide width vinyl flooring produced by For the Floor and More


I’m no different to you, you know.
I’ve been cajoled into fitting vinyl and lino to the kitchen and bathroom and I know the hassle in matching joins and seams.
Bright and bold patterns look fantastic when laid from basin to bathtub but when there are three or four panels to mix and match. Not so much fun.

The main reasons I knew we needed wide width vinyl flooring were:

Benefits of one piece vinyl flooring

  • Less/no chance of water or grubby bits getting in between seams.
  • No chance of patterns not lining up due to panels printed at different times and on different roll batches.
  • No chance of any colour shift between panels as all manufactured at the same time.
  • Much, much simpler to fit as one piece.



It’s all good and well saying that because we produce at up to 2.9m all rooms can take advantage of our one-piece vinyl. What if your room is 5m x 6m? Or 4m x 9m? Or 7m x 2m? Ok, ok, I think you get the message.

Well, everything is manufactured at the same time so even if there has to be more than one panel, everything will line up when it arrives.

We can either produce with an overlap between these strips or to be simply butt joined when installing (ask your fitter what they prefer). It also has the same benefits when it’s just a couple of panels.
Imagine having to match and lay four, five or more panels across your floor?



By manufacturing wide width vinyl flooring at up to nearly 3 metres means we can adapt it to fit in with your space. It also means we can usually place any joins where they are less noticeable.
Yes, we are that customisable and open to helping out!
Wide width vinyl flooring meets bespoke manufacture along with customer service where we always aim to go the extra mile. Hopefully our Trustspot reviews show that we (usually!) get it right.



Fitting Wide Width Vinyl Flooring

One piece vinyl flooring is about as simple an install as you could wish for.

With some of the intricate and design-led patterns available, joining up panels to make sure the image flows as should can be tricky. Add in any seams that always seem to run straight through the most eye-catching part of the pattern and you’ll be left scratching your chin to work out the fitting wheres and whys.



Wide width with no joins gets rid of all this headache.
Trim to fit around the edges, fix in place using double-sided tape or vinyl floor adhesive and job done. Get back to the reason you decided on different in the first place – to show off your unique style!




Ready for some inspiration?
Shop for ideas on bright bold pattern vinyl flooring or maybe the latest cool & sophisticated modern black and white flooring designs are more your thing? How about this year’s big trend – Terrazzo style vinyl flooring?

Have a browse, shout up for free vinyl samples of all our range, take your time to perfect your new look.  If you need a little help on tweaking a colour or perhaps something completely unique to you, get in touch. We’re sure we can help.

Thanks for reading,
Joe – Wide Width Vinyl Warrior & One Piece Flooring Fanatic.



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