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Why you should be introducing autumnal colours to your home… (and how to do it)


While all the seasons bring their own unique colour palette, there’s no denying that the shades of autumn are top of the (soon to be harvested) crop.
Deep reds, burnt oranges, and rich mustards accompany the more muted shades of brown and green, reminding us of nature and inviting us to reignite our love for crisp mornings and strolling through leaf-covered parks.



If you’re anything like the ‘For the Floor and More’ team, you’re a fan of bright, bold colours and can’t stand anything bland or boring in your home.
If you’re looking to add a dose of colour to your house, looking towards an autumnal colour palette for inspiration could be just the way to go.
Here’s why we love it – and how to get it.


Autumnal Colours Of Passion

When using an autumnal colour palette for inspiration, the possibilities can seem limitless.
You can draw inspiration from everything ranging from the leaves on the ground to the infinite shades of the sunsets.
Interestingly, accordingly to colour psychology, warm colours such as orange and red can evoke feelings of passion, while yellow brings a feeling of positivity to the home.
So, if you could do with a boost of passion and an uplifted mood, autumnal colours could be just the ticket.
Additionally, looking down at the colours can instantly transport you to a pumpkin drenched, bonfire scented memory, reminding you of good times.



A surefire way to add autumnal colour spice to the home is in the use of selective colour in cushions and soft furnishings.
Nothing speaks of cold October nights curled up in front of the fire (and Netflix) on a worn deep brown leather sofa. Sprinkled with mustard or deep orange coloured cushions and just what a place to hibernate for the season!



Bringing The Outside In

Now, I don’t mean leaving the back door open!
The thermostat has already been rolled around to the right so keep the windows closed and keep the weather where its meant to be.
I mean bring in some of the floral feel of the season into the home. Again, cushions bearing floral motifs look great against more neutral warm autumnal shades.
Large scale floral blooms can look exquisite when emblazoned across the wall behind that oh, so comfy leather sofa.



We’ve got another post chock full of large scale floral blooms and one all about bringing the outside in.
If you’re looking for ongoing seasonal inspiration, bookmark our site and if we’re missing anything you’d love to see, talk to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Taking Autumn Home

If you want to add autumnal colours and shades to your home, introducing them to your floor could be one of the best ways to do it.
Okay, we may be a little biased, but changing your floor colours helps to add depth, and naturally draws the eye towards the floor.
It makes a statement, allowing you to fully reap the benefits of the colour psychology. With our vinyl flooring range, each panel width measures up to 2.9m, which makes fitting it easy and stress-free. (Certainly a lot easier than retiling your whole bathroom, or trying to fit a new burnt orange sofa through the front door!).



Customisable Coloured Home Decor

You always hear the phrase “no two snowflakes are the same” which is true, but you also never see two falling autumnal leaves that are the same.
Sure, they may have a similar shape if they come from the same tree, but each one has intricate lines, markings and imperfections that make it unique.
At For the Floor and More, all of our vinyl flooring is fully customisable (hopefully without imperfections!), so you can add your own twist and make it as unique as a falling leaf.
This means you can add a new shape or autumnal hue until the design is exactly as you want it.



Like me, you’re probably still crossing all fingers and toes hoping for that Indian summer to come rolling in next month.
But just in case (and anyway, autumns definitely arriving at some point), have a look around the shops and around our site and see if you can find your autumnal inspiration.

Give your home the makeover it deserves as we head to the holiday season and if you want to share your stunning projects, talk to us on social media.

Thanks for reading and happy autumn.
Josie – best Halloween costume – class of 2004 (8 years old) – Batgirl (and no, there are no existing pics!)

PS – if it’s the florals that have grabbed your autumnal attention, check this post on our flowery floorings. If it’s all things bold & bright, try this patterned vinyl flooring post for size. Moody back and white flooring? We’ve got your monochrome musings covered.



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