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Black And White Vinyl Flooring

Moody Monochromes from For the Floor & More

You’re the kind of person that knows there is something truly classic about black and white vinyl flooring and monochrome home decor.
Timeless sophistication and a bold statement even with (or because of) the lack of colour – black and white perfectly sums up elegant Victorian floor tiles or Art Deco designs.


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If you’re lucky enough to have the original black and white tiles in your hallway, we’re green with envy!
For the rest of us, black and white vinyl flooring could be the simplest and most cost-effective way to capture that same charm and elegance.

If you’re here looking for monochrome inspiration and ideas for two-tone home decor, we might just have the solution.
Read on and prepare to see that just maybe, the world really is in black and white.  


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Dating back to over 500 years, European paintings are thought to be the first to show black and white checkered flooring.
However, the pattern itself of repeating squares dates back way further from that. It makes an appearance in both Roman and Egyptian art. The black and white were thought of as life’s two overriding elements. Just as in Yin and Yang, they represent the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the negative and positive.

If you’ve got the time for a little history lesson, there’s an article here at Apartment Therapy that looks at the checkerboard pattern’s past and it does make for an interesting read.


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Ok, so we now know a bit about black and white flooring’s origins, its Victorian styling and Art Deco flair, but what about accessories for adding in a little accent colour?


Make the Most Out of Monochrome

I’m a big fan of matching black and white vinyl flooring with a mustard or a dusky pink.


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A painted chair or cushion can be just what’s needed to pull your black and white theme together.


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A bright picture frame around a monochrome print works wonders to create a spot of colour.  Just the right touch of colour to contrast against the black and white.


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If you’re going to use paint to create that individual accent colour, a radiator, door or skirting will look ultra extravagant against the black and white vinyl flooring.


Image of a painted doorway and skirting used in a post by For the Floor and More about monochrome vinyl flooring
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If it’s a bold black and white pattern that’s caught your eye, one of our decor tips when using flooring can really help to make a small room appear bigger. Ask us to tilt the design 45 degrees and let it flow diagonally across the room from door to far wall.
It’s a clever trick that really works and before printing, we can mock up a visual proof to show you how it will look.


Black And White Vinyl Flooring For Kitchen & Bathroom

To complement a cool black and white bathroom vinyl flooring, go for a pale pastel blue. Something like the F&B Lulworth Blue will look fantastic paired with a crisp monochrome floor pattern.


Image showing Lulworth Blue paint in a kitchen used in a blog post by For the Floor and More about black and white kitchen vinyl flooring
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For the kitchen, an electrifying shade of yellow will cast it’s colour-pop across the black and white vinyl flooring. Go for something super bright from Valspar’s Pantone inspired paints and create a room that is unadulterated you.


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Metals match monochrome majestically. Matte black works with everything and alongside brushed or even glossy finishes, it’ll hold its own (and the room) together.
Copper or gold finishes look delightfully decadent alongside stainless steel fittings and both will energise the black and white vinyl flooring.


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If your metal accessories are in need of a spruce up to match your new decor, don’t forget about metallic spray paints. In an afternoon, your whole room theme can be transformed with little fuss and super effectively.

Shiny chrome works exceptionally well within a black and white theme. Keep your eye out for feature pieces such as a chrome coat stand for the kitchen or a laundry basket for the bathroom or utility.
These little contrasting extras in a room make all the difference.


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Classic colour deserves classic styling and by using a modern take on black and white checkered flooring, the overall look and feel of the space can feel so sophisticated yet with a different twist.
Match monochromes with contemporary taps or light fittings. Breathe in, step back and admire.


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Whether it’s a black and white checkered vinyl flooring, a harlequin diamond pattern or a black and white tile effect, there’s a monochrome flooring roll out there with your name already on it. Your home is unique. Don’t forget to show it!

Now, we know traditional black and white floor tiles can have a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic but just how much simpler is it to lay out your new look as a black and white vinyl flooring roll?

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Eline is an up-to-date floral black and white pattern flooring with a simple lined aesthetic designed to add some definition to the space beneath your feet.
It’s these little twists on pattern and shape that can make such a difference. I know we have (many!) a number of bold and bright designs but I also know sometimes, it’s just a little dash of your individuality that creates the spark within your home.

We can produce stripe vinyl flooring in any colour-way and thickness of stripe. We can convert to diagonal stripes to run across your room (to make the space look larger) or change the stripes to along the width or length.
As we say, it’s vinyl flooring but your way!


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With some of our deep black vinyl flooring designs, our durable specially designed inks can give a sheen to create a glossy vinyl flooring. It’s more noticeable in the samples than when on the floor but it lends a premium feel and helps dirt lift straight off when cleaning.

PS: Just in case you’re not quite ready to welcome in your dark side and still hankering for something a little more colourful, our post on patterned printed vinyl flooring could just have the colour-pop you’re looking for.

All of our vinyl flooring black and white patterns are available at up to 2.9m wide. Click the link for more information on why we only use wide width vinyl flooring.


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If you’ve spotted any black and white patterns that have got you all hot under the collar, let me know on our social media.
Thanks for reading, Louisa

PS: We’ve got free flooring samples of all our range – there’s a request box under every pattern. Remember we can always change colours and tweak designs to match your style!

Looking for more ideas?