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7 of My Favourite Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Rustic Inspiration You Can Do Today!

Your kitchen is your happy place.
It is supposed to feel calm, clean, and serene; somewhere you can escape from your stressful everyday life and enjoy a snack or cook dinner with your family.

Whilst the people that are in your kitchen make a huge difference on the vibe, so does the decor itself.



A lot of modern trends tend to lean towards the minimal and uber cool, but for the type of kitchen that you want to bake cookies with your loved ones in, nothing beats a more countryside/farmhouse feel.



The good news is, you don’t have to redo your entire kitchen to achieve this cosy, farmhouse effect.
In fact, a few makeovers and decorating ideas could make your kitchen an oasis of individuality and somewhere that you might not want to leave!

From fresh paint to adorable countertop decorations, here are 7 of our favourite farmhouse kitchen ideas:


  1. A Fresh Coat of Paint


The colour that you paint your kitchen walls and cupboards can make a whole world of difference to the style of your kitchen.

For the rustic, farmhouse feel, focus on light, bright colours such as yellow and white.
Painting your cabinets white can completely take a 180 turn on the way that your kitchen looks and feels. It will open up the space as well as give your kitchen a more farmhouse feel to it.
Bonus points if your paint has a crackled, worn out look to it.



  1. Natural Wood Accessories


You probably don’t usually think of the way that your utensils change the feel of your kitchen as a whole, but they actually do make a big difference.

If you are looking to go for a farmhouse style kitchen, then you should ditch the cold steel utensils in favour of a light wash wood.
You can display your wooden spatulas, stirring spoons, etc. in a big mason jar on your countertop to add to the rustic feel of your home at little cost to you.



  1. Grow A Herb Garden Indoors


One of our favourite farmhouse kitchen ideas is one of the easiest to do. Oh,  and one of the most practical and beneficial to you!
Growing a herb garden in your kitchen will not only help it smell amazing, help to purify the air, and give you fresh herbs to use when you are cooking, but it will also make your kitchen look more like that of a cosy farmhouse.

There are a lot of options for growing a herb garden indoors, depending on personal taste, but I love the idea of growing them in old, silver coffee canisters or wooden trays or rustic boxes.




  1. Update Your Hardware


An easy and often inexpensive option for making your kitchen look more rustic is to update the hardware on your cupboards and cabinets.
The best part about doing this is that it’s a lot of fun!
Instead of shopping around for a matching set of hardware for all of your cabinets, why not hit some thrift stores and antique shops. Hunt out a hodgepodge of hardware that all complement each other. Pick carefully and they’ll add a real sprinkle of your unique-ness to the kitchen.

I love the rummaging through secondhand stuff almost as much as the fixing-up!




  1. Change Your Curtains


Another really easy one of our farmhouse kitchen ideas is to simply change the curtains that you have hanging in the windows.
This is a quick and easy project that you can get done in a day but will completely transform the way your kitchen looks.

I love the idea of linen curtains for a farmhouse feel. White with an accent colour like blue or yellow is a perfect choice.



  1. Get a New Sink


This one is a little bit bigger of a change (and not possibly to do today). It’s also not for every DIY-er but it will make a whole world of difference.
Wonderful, old farmhouse sinks look great in a kitchen with white walls and light wooden accents.
Investing in a new sink if you are able to, is a fantastic way to really bring together the whole farmhouse feel in your kitchen.



  1. Add Some Rustic-Chic Countertop Accents


Rustic-chic or just Rust-chic – no rust-chic sounds like I’ve got a penchant for tarnished metal!
Anyway, another really easy one of our farmhouse kitchen ideas is to think about the decor that you are displaying on your countertops. Switch it up to be a little more rustic in theme and nature.

To make a huge difference, swap out your traditional flower bouquets for a bouquet of straw and wildflowers such as lavender.
Say goodbye to your traditional vase and opt for a white ceramic one or even a mason jar. Go for straw placemats.

There are so many little things that you can do to decorate in a more rustic way.



With our favourite farmhouse kitchen ideas, your home will be looking like it belongs in a cosy rural village in no time! Make sure you enter your herbs in next year’s fete!

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Thanks again for taking the time to read. If you’ve any tips for adding that rustic farmhouse feel to a kitchen, let me know on our social media. I’m trying to make my home special too!


By Josie – farmhouse kitchen wisher, old-fashioned kitchen owner, but not in a good way… : o


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