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32 On-Trend Kitchen Tips For SS2018

Kitchen Decor Ideas to Help Reinvent Your Space


Occasionally, every space needs a little extra time and attention.

Whether the feng shui of an outdated style is no longer hitting the mark, or features and appliances are losing their original lustre, it may be time for upgrades and remodelling.  There are dozens of ways—both simple and complex—to spruce up a room and add renewed style on any budget.

As we were all sitting around the office catching up over a quick coffee, the conversation moved from who’s binge-watching what series on Netflix to kitchen decor ideas for this spring and summer.

Here are some great contemporary kitchen inspiration to elevate your kitchen interior design this season.


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  1. A Fresh Coat of Paint


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Let’s start this list on a seemingly-obvious yet often overlooked aspect of a kitchen: the paint. Even if you still like the current colour, go over it with a fresh coat of paint or throw in an accent for a refreshed look.


  1. Cabinet Handles



Updating handles is a simple and affordable way to put a new spin on the cabinets and fixtures you already have. With so many shapes and styles to choose from, this is an easy way to upgrade your look.


  1. Terrazzo Patterned Floor or Counter



This sophisticated and bang on-trend patterned material is a great statement to any kitchen and provides a prominent style from which to build a unique space.


  1. Cushioned Floor Mats



In a relatively health-conscious era, posture is worth paying attention to in the kitchen. If you spend a lot of time chopping vegetables or hand washing dishes, a cushioned floor mat can do wonders for your feet and spinal health.


  1. Brass and Mixed Metal Fixtures



While stainless steel is in no way going out of style, brass or mixed metal faucets and fixtures can make a great accent pop or focal point in a kitchen.


  1. Aloe Plants



Not only does having a plant bring lively colour to a space, but aloe is great for burns and scratches that commonly occur while cooking. Both effective and beautiful!


  1. Herringbone Floors



Easily add an air of European sophistication and simplicity to a room by adding herringbone floors. It’s classic but allows for creativity with colour to match your kitchen aesthetic.


  1. Magnetic Knife Rack



These trendy racks can be mounted on walls and free up precious counter space from bulky knife blocks. Plus, they look sleek and show guests that you mean business in the kitchen.


  1. Bright and Lively Color Schemes



Colour never goes out of style. And while all-white kitchens have cropped up recently in design, having a vibrant accent wall or accent splashback adds a refreshing energy to a room.


  1. Specialty Cutting Boards



Whether shaped like a personal memento or engraved with meaningful words, speciality cutting and cheese boards are an easy way to make a kitchen uniquely yours.


  1. Fresh Basil Plant


Image of basil leaves used in a blog post by forthefloorandmore.com


Fresh spices and herbs bring a whole new level to any culinary endeavour. A basil plant is a great place to begin because they are easy to grow and instantly increase the flow of green energy in a room.


  1. Pullout Waste Cabinet



Having your rubbish and recycling hidden in sleek pullout cabinets creates more room for the people you love in your kitchen while removing the unsightly bins from view.


  1. Eat-In Kitchen



With the trend of open kitchens in modern homes, having a table in the kitchen—whether small and circular or farmhouse style—allows mundane aspects of life to become meaningful time spent with loved ones over good food.


  1. Pastels and Subtle Colour



If bright accents aren’t your thing, subtle pastels—often seen in pinks or purples—are a great way to break away from white walls without running full force into vivid colours.


  1. Unique Shelving Solutions



Not all homes are equipped with enough kitchen storage, and a great remedy is to install kitchen shelving on open wall space. This gives you the power to customize your space in a way that is both efficient and elevates the room as a whole.


  1. Layered Lighting


Image of a bright lit kitchen in a blog post by forthefloorandmore.com


Having options in terms of lighting, other than just one master overhead light, can totally shift the energy in a room. Set the mood with a variety of hanging and concealed fixtures to create the perfect cooking or dining experience for all occasions.


  1. Rose Gold Accents



Rose gold is a beautiful way to bring warmth and summery energy to a room. Use this colour in kitchen accents such as cabinet handles, tea kettles, and storage bins.


  1. Smart Kitchen Appliances



Everyone loves when tools and appliances simplify life. New technology is allowing for a smarter kitchen, so you can focus less on cooking and more on enjoying the company of friends and family.


  1. Living Walls



These amazing, plant-filled walls are alive with energy and vibrant colour that purify air and bring bright colour to a room. Plus, you can grow herbs for use in the kitchen. It’s a win-win!


  1. Heat and Shatter Resistant Counters



Durability is just as important as sleek, minimalist aesthetic in the modern kitchen. Counters that can stand up to any chef are effective and also beautiful.


  1. Shaker Style Cabinets



If you really love clean, simple design, Shaker cabinets are a great way to reduce visual clutter in a room and promote tranquillity. And with abundant designs to choose from, this cabinet style is here to stay.


  1. Kitchen Islands


Image of a fresh modern kitchen island used in a blog post by forthefloorandmore.com


A kitchen island or breakfast bar can also work as both a storage area and a place for dining. Utilise your island further by installing an appliance. By adding in a sink or hob into the island can mean all the family can roll up their sleeves and get busy with food prep!


  1. Integrated Appliances



While a more extensive endeavour, integrating appliances can awaken seamless kitchen styles that reduce clutter and clarify atmosphere of a space.


  1. Quartz Counters



This incredibly durable and nonporous material is becoming increasingly popular because it is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and available in a wide variety of colours to match any decor.


  1. Minimalist Aesthetic



Many modern kitchen ideas centre heavily on a minimalist design, with simple and sleek appliances, lots of hidden storage, and no unnecessary clutter on countertops.


  1. Ditch the Upper Cabinets



While not realistic for all homes, if your kitchen has enough storage in lower cabinets or other types of shelving, then saying goodbye to upper cabinets will make the kitchen feel much more open.


  1. Pantry Walls



Juxtaposed with ditching upper cabinets, the trend of pantry walls can synchronize a room without sacrificing essential storage space within some contemporary kitchen designs.


  1. Square Tile Backsplashes



Some trends never really leave. Others fade out then come back around. Pulling inspiration from styles of the 1980s, square tiles can add pops of colour or visual accents to a space and are affordable and easy to maintain.


  1. Vintage Rugs



Everyone loves a good accent rug. A well-chosen rug is an excellent way to elevate the aesthetic of a room without complex renovations. Best of all, rugs can be swapped out as often as you want to switch up the style.


  1. Induction Cooktops


Induction cooking is a great way to save space if you don’t have room for the bulky, eyesore of some traditional stovetops. They also put out less heat to keep a kitchen cool.


  1. Deep Drawers



With more depth in pullout drawers, you can store entire sets of dishes and glasses in drawers below the counter instead of above. This opens up a world of possibilities for what to do with wall space in place of upper cabinets.


  1. Large, Practical Sinks




Nothing is more frustrating than a sink too small to be useful, and many modern kitchen ideas are leaning towards a space that is functional and allows for optimal ease of use. A wide, deep, all-purpose sink fits into that ideal kitchen like a particularly well-sized glove.


Phew! Well, I hope that’s given you a spark of inspiration for the new season. Step away from the screen, dig out those overalls and get stuck in.
If there’s anything I missed or you want to share your ideas, let me know on our social media and I’d love to see your plans.


Josie – (with a mind now spinning thinking about that kitchen refresh!)



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