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3D Vinyl Flooring Ideas To Pop Your Socks Off!

All New 3D Vinyl Pattern Flooring Designs for the Home


Now I’m not quite talking about the 3d vinyl flooring that looks like you’re walking above the Grand Canyon, a jungle waterfall or tootling across a beach.
We can custom print these but really, I’m not too sure there are many kitchens or bathrooms missing an overhead of a tropical waterfall or a dolphin frolicking under your feet and across the floor!

Tell me, I could be wrong though….


The Weird & Wonderful 3D Vinyl Flooring Options…



And The Designer 3D Vinyl Flooring Choices…


What I am posting today are bold 3d geometric shapes printed as a luxury vinyl flooring and designed for impact. Something a touch different (not the tropical waterfall) and flooring that’s created to really add drama to a room (but in a good way).



I’m talking about interlocking block designs crisscrossing across the floor merging together with colour, depth and a healthy dash of unique style. Tetris type shapes cascading across the floor in interweaving linking motifs.

Patterns that appear to drop below the surface. Designs that at first look abstract but when looked at further, their subtle 3d nuances grow more distinct. Almost vertical looking pillars that climb above and beyond with their shadows falling beneath. Cool stuff!



Playful pastels mask some of the boldness of these patterns. Choose complimentary room colours and they can be as easy to live with as a standard lino flooring but so much more distinctive. Bold is great but sometimes more muted tones work wonders.




At For the Floor & More, we’re really passionate about unique vinyl flooring designs – you can see another blog post here on bold geometric flooring ideas – but also we know that when the only limits to design is imagination, it would be hard to do it without a little snippet of fun. (Not the  tropical waterfall again I promise!)
We also supply commercial properties – check out these ideas for nursery and pre-school flooring that will stimulate enquiring young minds.


Image of a funky elephant Nursery and Pre-school fun vinyl flooring from forthefloorandmore.com



All our flooring designs are printed on our NuVifloor premium vinyl floor covering. Durable, vibrant and with an anti-slip surface.  We ship out to you directly on a made to measure roll that you simply butt join together. It makes it so much easier to fit and we can manufacture up to 2.9m in width by whatever length fits your room.

All our patterned vinyl is available at up to 2.9m wide. Click the link to find out why we only use wide width vinyl for our flooring.

Let me know what you think – you’ll find us through the social media links above and if this is of interest, please share.


PS: We’ve got free flooring samples of all our range – there’s a request box under every pattern. Remember we can always change colours and tweak designs to match your style!

Thanks for reading and remember, your home is unique. Don’t forget to show it!


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