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5 Fresh & Crisp Home Interior Ideas For AW17

Autumn/Winter Inspo For The Lounge, Kitchen & More!

Certain seasons can define the home and AW17 will be no exception.

I have a friend who at the beginning of every autumn wakes up with a mischievous glint in her eye. A mischief-making glinty eye that hunts through her home for that new décor project to sink her teeth into over the colder months.
She devours the magazines and spends hours online delving deep to uncover upcoming trends. Mel always tells me there’s something special about the autumn and winter that gives her the push to get stuck in, pick a room in her home and go for it!



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She thinks it’s something about the sun being lower in the sky and the deep shadows it casts across her room. It’s the way this quality of light accentuates the furnishings and the spaces in her home that ignites this passion to start creating.

As the colder wind billows and blows outside bringing breaths of fresh autumn air into her home, she uses this shifting light as an excuse to change the feel of her décor.



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Everything begins with a cuppa


It was during a coffee and catch up with Mel as she enthused energetically about her autumn/winter inspiration that the ideas for this post came about.
And with the days getting shorter and the memories of barbecues and patio furniture becoming more distant, it’s a perfect time to look at some of the new patterns and colours that are defining autumn/winter home décor interior trends.


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I’ll (or my friend Mel will…) share some of the styles that are on the horizon. Sprinkled in the post are some seasonal bathroom and kitchen ideas using our printed Feature Tiles, inspiration for modern patterned vinyl flooring, and colourful exclusive glass splashbacks.
Finally, it’s all garnished and ready to serve with a soupcon of images from Pinterest to make sure you can talk the talk when the Prosecco starts to flow!



First, I don’t think seasons should dictate all trends in home décor.
We all love adding items over the year – cushions, pictures, candles – but when it comes to more permanent choices, pick your pattern, make it your own and stick by it.

Bright and bold colours look fantastic in the summer months but I’ll guarantee they’ll also put a smile on your face when it’s 5 below and the lights are on at 4 pm!


Floral frolics for AW17


Whatever the season, there will always be a place for the floral.

Floral patterns are often thought of as for the warmer months or spring when the ground starts to pop awake Pick the right colour and motif, however, to match or contrast and your room will always be evergreen.
If you’re looking specifically for autumn/winter, treat your feature wall to a dark floral print wallpaper. It’ll exude a deep sophisticated luxury that will ensure those dinner guests remain suitably impressed.

Perfect for parties: charming, eloquent and wow-inducing. And that’s just the wallpaper!




Geometrics – Throw some shapes


Geometrics fall into the same category as my umbrella – not season specific!

A strong geometric décor pattern is dictated by the colour, feel and flow of the shape and form. Deep shades of green or brown will add a rich autumnal sense. Lighter tones can be a bit more playful and adapt well to complimenting colours – (check your colour wheel for options).
Bold geometric splashes look great when used as accents to any natural colours on the walls or floors.



Neutrals & Naturals


In AW17 we’ll see a wide range of natural and softer textures and patterns.

These gentle hues may become the mainstay of the home but the canny decorator will always combine with brighter accent colours. Contrasting or complimenting tints serve as flourishes and highlights within the complete design.
A kitchen of calico walls and grey worktops set off with a splashback, tiles or towels that include a touch of colour to bring out all the natural shades.
The same room but this time with a sophisticated two-tone pattern vinyl flooring that meanders through the space to bring the overall feel together.
These grand plans look great in magazines, showrooms and our own homes.



Greys hold the gaze


As well as the natural hues, Mel sees grey being everywhere in autumn/winter 17. Ok, it’s also a natural hue but it’s going to be so pervasive, it gets its own little subheading.

Layered shades as throws across sofas and comfy chairs. Bed quilts, blankets, rugs and cushions in rooms, the pastel greyness lends itself wholeheartedly to contrasting colours. Match and fall in love with the deep teals and midnight blues. Feel the loving from crisp blush pinks and luxurious swathes of on trend burgundy.
All these accent colours are guaranteed to add your own individual flair to an underlying neutral theme.
It’s safe to start with the greige but to have the home you and everybody loves, don’t be afraid to add to it!



A trend Mel expects to see more of in AW17 is using multiple tones of the same colour within the home.

Think subtle graduations of an ombre design cascading over a feature wall or as colour blocked prints creating artworks of interest.
Tonal design is a sophisticated and appealing style that straddles contemporary and classic. Deceptively simple and with opportunities abound to be wonderfully creative within the same colour palette.
Looking for something that both hits the trend and stays on it? Look for inspiration in tonal design and use these as your initial touch points.


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From Ideal Home


Classic and period designs


Art Deco and period details are making a welcome return in 2018.
Expect to see the elegant designs of yesteryear. Parquet, herringbone or chinoiserie: all these and more will be making a real impact within the homes in the know.
Mel seems positively effervescent with some of the new Oriental designs flowing through the pages of her magazine subscriptions! I’m sure you’ll be inspired too.
If this is your thing too,  this other blog post on oriental designs will also be just the ticket for ideas.


Excelse art deco design as a Feature Tile in a blog post by

Excelse Art Deco Feature Tile


Image of Emiko design as a wonderfully detailed art tile available from

Emiko design Feature Tile


Even though we’ll see an underlying theme of neutrals in AW17, don’t forget your home is unique.
One of our little mottoes over here at For the Floor & More is to not let neutral be the default position – Neutral doesn’t have to be the norm.
Add a little colour spark to these tones to create your unique individual style.

Let me know on our social media if you’re like Mel and this season is your time for a change. If it is, show us some of your ideas and inspiration. We’d love to see what’s making you tick in AW17!

To keep in the know, we’re putting together a complete pattern-book chock full of inspiration for 2018. Add your email below and we will send out as soon as ready.



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