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7 Things To Do in Your Kitchen (And Not All of Them Are Cooking…)

Whether we know it or not, we all spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
Most of the time, it is not even for cooking – maybe we are just grabbing a snack, or pulling something from the junk drawer.
Whatever the case may be, we all end up in the kitchen more often than we realize.

So, what are we doing in there, if we are not cooking?

The kitchen truly is one of the most versatile rooms in the home.
Here are a few things we might end up doing in there!

#1 – Host a Dance Party – Alone

Maybe you are cooking, maybe you are not – but at one time or another, we have all found ourselves dancing around the kitchen to the radio.
Sometimes, we are dancing to a song only we can hear. Tile floors are all too easy to slide around on in your sock, à la the famous scene from the film “Risky Business”.
Dabbing, sliding, the Macarena – all of these moves are welcome in your kitchen dance party!
Maybe not twerking, though – there are lots of sharp objects in a kitchen, and you never know what you might knock over!


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#2 – Host a Dance Party – With Your Partner/Friends

If you do not feel like dancing alone, grab a partner and dance around the kitchen together!
Dancing with friends or partners is a lot more fun than dancing alone, and you can always try to have a dance battle.
Of course, be sure to clear off the tables and counters, so no one gets hurt. Plus, all the free counter space is just another place for your rad dance moves and fake-judgmental faces while your dance partners do their best to defeat you.



#3 – Make Toys

If you are not using your kitchen for cooking, use it for fun!
Lots of fun toys and objects can be made with common household ingredients and a little bit of elbow grease.
You can make homemade playdough (because playdough is fun at any age), slime, or whatever your heart desires – and whatever your fingers can find on the internet.
Be sure to follow directions, so you do not also turn your kitchen into a chemistry lab… unless that is the goal, of course.



#4 – Make Art

Kitchens tend to be the easiest place in the house to clean up (in theory) because of the tile floors and smooth counters. With all those smooth, flat surfaces, why not create a little temporary art studio in the kitchen?
Go out and buy some paint by numbers, throw on your best starving artist look, and wow your friends with your untapped artistic abilities (and your ability to read numbers…but they do not need to know that part).
Better yet, grab some clay and create fun, quirky sculptures to decorate your kitchen with! If they end up a little bit scary, gift them to a relative. It is the thought that counts, after all.


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#5 – Host a Gossip Session

Alright, maybe it does not need to be called a gossip session, but we always end up having conversations in the kitchen anyway. Invite some friends over, make some fun cocktails, and sit around the table or counters and chat about life in your lovely kitchen. Plus, if you host your hang out in the kitchen, you do not need to set out the snacks. They are simply a few steps away.
Let your friends air their grievances while you sip on a sangria that sits on the counter behind you.


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#6 – Take a Nap

At some point, probably all of us have all begun to fall asleep trying to prepare dinner or make an immaculate meal for the family.
It’s alright, you have permission to take a quick snooze!  If you can find a comfortable spot, the food is done, you have some spare time, and no one else is home – I’m sure it’s perfectly acceptable to doze off for a minute without needing to crawl back to your bed.


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#7 – Become an Interior Designer

This may be an exaggeration, but if you are not cooking in your kitchen, then you are probably remodelling or designing it or thinking about remodelling or designing it…
Let your creative side out as you decide your cabinet colours and whether you want stainless steel appliances or a sleek black.
Whatever the choice, your kitchen will reflect your amazing personality and give you the perfect space to cook meals, and whatever else your heart desires.


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Kitchens are underrated, and with these new activities, you will see exactly how great your kitchen really is.
Make some meals and dance, everyone!


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Post written by Josie – Earl Grey tea drinker, a dash of milk, no sugar, partial to an occasional custard cream.


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