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Art Deco revival: Updating your home with the iconic style

The Roaring Twenties: known for their decadent way of life and a resurgence of wealth after the First World War and the Spanish Flu.
Even 100 years on, few people can hear the phrase “Roaring Twenties” without conjuring up an image of a Flapper Girl dancing to jazz in a fabulous sequin dress.
Of course, the era also saw the introduction of Art Deco design, which characterised the period and is still instantly recognisable to this day.

While the 2020s might not seem as “roaring” as the 1920s, you can still get that luxe feeling by incorporating elements of Art Deco design into your home.
We don’t all have the budget to add a Chrysler Building-style roof to our homes – nor do we think the neighbours would approve – but by adding Art Deco to the interior of our homes we can instantly replicate the glamour.


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The shapes and colours of Art Deco interior design are what make it stand out.
Geometric patterns, bold colours and gold detailing are key characteristics, as well as sunburst motifs that make a regular appearance.
Opulence is the key: it should look expensive, even if it costs mere pennies. The glitter of gold paired with bold hues makes it look elevated, while the patterns catch the eye and show that the devil really is in the detail.
Art Deco interiors look regal – even understated Art Deco homes ooze glamour. When it comes to adding a 21st-century twist on the trend, you can go all out with all-Art-Deco-everything, or add small inspired elements to your existing interior design.


For example, the image on the left (from My Move) makes full use of Art Deco traits such as geometric patterns and bold colours, while the image on the right (from The Art of Bespoke) uses a neutral colour palette for the walls but adds accents of gold and dark furniture to capture the trend.



“How else can I add Art Deco styling to my home”, we hear you ask?
As well as using a bold colour palette and adding gold details, the floor is a fantastic way to nail the trend. Art Deco flooring is iconic, with its geometric patterns and triangular motifs.
With Art Deco flooring you are encapsulating the look from the ground up, so the second someone enters the room they know the aesthetic you’re going for. In the 1920s, Art Deco flooring was often made from hardwood, tiles or sometimes marble, signifying the wealth of the time.
If you don’t want to break the bank with marble flooring, you can opt for Art Deco vinyl flooring instead. We have a range of designs to choose from, which use geometric patterns and motifs that would make any Flapper Dancer swoon.


Just imagine our ‘Excelse’ flooring paired with this bathroom…


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Excelse pattern flooring


…Or perhaps our Verzurro flooring with this kitchen?


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Verzurro arch pattern printed geometric design vinyl flooring exclusively from
Verzurro design flooring


As well as being much more cost-effective than marble, vinyl flooring is incredibly easy to install and maintain.
Our Art Deco flooring can be wiped clean in a second, which is perfect for when those Gatsby-themed parties get out of hand with spillages. You can create the champagne tower of your dreams without worrying that the floor will get ruined.
For day-to-day practicalities when you’re not partying like it’s 1929, vinyl flooring is also great for protecting against mealtime spills and muddy pawprints.


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Every one of our vinyl flooring designs can be personalised to your needs. If you’ve already decorated your house in Art Deco style and want the flooring as the finishing touch, we can create a style that perfectly matches.
Or, if you’re starting from scratch and want to build your interiors around your flooring, we can help you choose a show-stopping design that will wow guests the moment they walk through the door.
If you need any support in picking a design or making changes, just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help.

You can browse all our flooring online here.

Thanks for reading and let’s really hope the 2020s becomes as Roaring as the 1920s…



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