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Printed Vinyl Flooring & Why Your Home Needs Flooring’s Newest Trend!

Luxury printed vinyl flooring is here with a bang

Read on to see why printed vinyl flooring might just be the thing to help inject your individuality and creative spark into your home!



When we read Yanic Simard’s article in Houzz a couple of months back, we had a little squeak of delight that vinyl flooring was again getting its time out in the sun!
We’ve been a proud advocate of it for a while now and when we created our NuVifloor, we knew we had a winner on our hands (or under our feet!).

Here are some of the reasons why printed vinyl flooring is such a growing trend.


Why bespoke printed vinyl flooring?

Firstly, let’s get this out there – vinyl flooring is simple to fit and with a multitude of flooring designs available and with the minimum of effort, the transformation can be incredible. From bold geometric shapes to an intricately tiled seamless pattern, or even your own design, the only limitation is imagination.

There are no interlocking planks to hold dirt and with a snug trim between any panels, it stays clean and is easy to manage.
It also locks out water so no moisture can creep in and any little spillages are just a wipe up and dry rather than through to the subfloor. If your home is like ours and full of pets and kids, vinyl floor covering really comes into its own. It’s so easy to care for and keeps looking fresh.

What do the experts think?

FCnews discussed vinyl usage with both architects and designers ( who are using in make or break commercial flooring applications and not our domestic flooring use ) for a survey and published claims stating that:

Architects and designers are using vinyl building products, including flooring, wallcoverings and more, because:

  • Vinyl is durable and performs well over time
  • It’s easy to maintain/clean
  • It’s less expensive than many alternatives
  • Vinyl does not rust or corrode

They also stated that “satisfaction with vinyl and vinyl applications is up over 20% since 2010 amongst architects and interior designers. Architects said they are 15% more satisfied with vinyl today, and interior designers said they are 28% more satisfied.”


Vinyl flooring survey


They also state that vinyl flooring is the only flooring category enjoying a growing market share. Keep your eyes peeled and expect to see it really take off in 2017 and beyond! Be ahead of your friends and start looking now to update your room.

All info above came from the FCnews article here.

Now that’s enough homework from the textbooks, let’s get to the pretty pictures.





Different types of vinyl flooring

Think vinyl flooring and you may mix it in with cushionfloor, linoleum, vinyl tiles and vinyl planks.
Cushionfloor or cushionflor is a popular product that feels soft underfoot. Simple to install and look after but limited in appearance by either replicating the look of wood or mimicking other standard flooring finishes. A great alternative but if you’re looking for a truly individual floor covering design idea, it’s not really going to hit a home run.

The same could also be aimed at both vinyl tiles and planks – they are easier to fit and maintain than hardwood but only offer a similar look or design. There are more innovative colours and finishes in some of the options if you search, but for a genuine bespoke look that will really add individual impact to your room, they are only currently available from a select number of industrial suppliers.

We understand though that the options above may be perfect for your installation. Ours may not be right for your home. Please use this post as an outline rather than a definitive guide and ask if you need more advice from us or your regular flooring supplier.
Changing your flooring is not something you’ll be doing every week so ensure you’ve weighed up all the alternatives and grabbed samples and info from wherever possible.


How to install

Most vinyl flooring is usually supplied in a roll and cut to the required length. It can arrive up to 4m in width. Apply first into a corner of the room then work across the floor. The idea is to create a smooth uniform finish with no wrinkles or creases. Information for either the tiles or planks will be part of the purchased pack. Have a good read before rolling your sleeves up!

The project starts with clearing up the existing subfloor and making ready. If there is an existing carpet or laminate, it will need taking up, although some types of vinyl flooring can go right on top of floorboards or tiles. As long as it is smooth and all bumps have been filled and levelled you should be good to go.
We know some of the installation guides are a bit of a science lesson and even ours covers all eventualities but in most cases, use a little common sense and remember as always, preparation at the beginning is the key to a fantastic result at the end!



NuVifloor printed vinyl flooring

Our NuVifloor printed vinyl flooring has been designed to promote super durability and wear resistance.

Once we print your order it’s supplied as a roll up to 2.9m wide by the full length you specified. Our packaging team wraps it all up securely and boxes ready to go.

All of our designs are available at up to 2.9m wide. Click the link to find out why we only use wide width vinyl flooring.

We provide pre-trimmed panels all ready to butt join. Simply line up in place when laying down.

Secure in place using either strong double-sided tape or a contact adhesive. Information is online and we also have full custom vinyl flooring installation instructions on the site here.

What we think

Of course, we may be a little biased here, but with the advances in vinyl flooring durability and colour vibrancy, we think the new ranges of bespoke designer vinyl floor coverings can completely change a room’s feel and style in one swoop. We don’t think it’s too difficult either to install or design. We are always open to discuss any individual project ideas no matter how complex or downright strange.
Lastly, always ask for a visual proof emailed over to help when fitting panels. Any supplier should send as standard and it will make it that bit simpler to fit. With printed vinyl flooring, it’s all about the design so make sure it all lines up and looks spot on.

Our final words on its unique appearance and installation simplicity are probably summed up best with our new Venetian pattern from Mort & Hex. An individual and exclusive Italian tile design that removes all the hard work and hassle of purchasing each separate tile to match. No more endless piecing together the floor tile design.



By supplying printed vinyl flooring in reel form, it couldn’t be easier to roll out, install and admire. We’ve even supplied long lengths for use as personalised wedding aisle runners – looks great too!






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PS: We’ve got free flooring samples of all our range – there’s a request box under every pattern. Remember we can always change colours and tweak designs to match your style!


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