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Star Vinyl Flooring For Home-Décor Superstars!


In other articles we’ve covered design motifs such as the picture-perfect polka dot and sophisticated stripe, but there’s one more pattern that’s just as popular: the spectacular star.
For this new post, we aim to the the skies to set alight your creativity with our new star vinyl flooring designs.


Image of Petra pattern vinyl flooring from
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Captured over the centuries in art, whether it’s for their other-worldly beauty or to signify something higher than all of us, stars have always been a mesmerising force. Artists around the globe and across time have attempted to tease them down from the skies and ensnare them in paint, sculpture and textiles.


Image of Lora pattern vinyl flooring from
Lora pattern flooring

And thank our lucky stars, its this celestial wonderment that enticed us to launch a new collection of star vinyl flooring designs.
With different star style motifs and multiple colour ways, we’ve brought together a range of traditional shapes and on-trend tones that are guaranteed to bring the heavens down to the space under your feet!

Elettra star vinyl flooring

One of our most popular patterns, Elettra, is emblematic of an early era astral star shape. It’s the type of design you may see in Mediterranean art, pottery or ceramic tiles.
Our difference with Elettra (as with all of our other star pattern vinyl floorings) is that we can tweak the scale and alter the colours to match your style.

Whether it’s for the classic black and white star vinyl flooring:


Custom black & white Elettra pattern vinyl flooring from used in a blog post about star vinyl flooring
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Customer photo testimonial of our custom Elettra flooring pattern from a customer review of


Or keep to Elettra’s on-trend teal and white to match your bathroom perfectly:


Elettra pattern printed geometric design flooring exclusively from
Elettra pattern flooring


With more of a contemporary star shape that takes a small step away from the traditional style,  Stellr, Pavo and Mira designs offer something a little different in our growing star vinyl flooring collection:




Moroccan star print vinyl flooring

As a modern take on a Moroccan or Mediterranean tile, two new designs Imai and Isai capture the feel and theme of clay tiles with their sophisticated star pattern. They may be chock-full of the timeless charm of tiles, but when supplied on a roll with panels at up to 2.9m wide, installation has none of the hassle. Roll out, trim and fit – now that’s a tile style I can cope with!


Isai pattern vinyl flooring from
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Image of Imai pattern vinyl flooring from
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Well, I hope that’s stirred your starry emotions and set off some inspirational fireworks into how to use our star vinyl flooring! Is there room for it in your special space?
There are samples available by using the request boxes on every flooring design’s webpage plus we have a guide to ordering vinyl flooring
Now, what’s stopping you taking your eyes away from the skies and seeing the colour-pop home décor potential beneath your feet?


Image of Altair pattern vinyl flooring from
Altair pattern flooring


Image of Lyra pattern vinyl flooring from
Lyra star pattern flooring


Thanks for reading – by Joe – head in the clouds but definitely no office star!


PS – perhaps peruse this post for more inspiration on colour and patterned flooring or from something definitely more down to earth and land locked, have a read through our post on floral flooring to suit all floors.



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