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Pink Vinyl Flooring Perfect for That Spring Makeover! A blog post by

Step into Spring with Perfect Pink Vinyl Flooring!

Spring is traditionally the preferred time when homeowners start planning renovations and upgrades for their living spaces.
This is because the weather is ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects, making it a great time to remodel.
Suitable for upgrading almost any living space – including your living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom – abstract floor patterns are a popular 2020 interior decorating trend.
We are seeing a shift from cool grey colour schemes to those with warm, neutral colours. These fun and bold floor patterns can include pink vinyl flooring and even polka dots, that were inspired by expressional artwork and the mid-19th century dance craze that swept through Europe.

Here are some spring home decor trends that include 5 great ideas for pink vinyl flooring.


  • Liven up your kids’ bedroom. Pink vinyl flooring can be the perfect compliment for your children’s bedroom, inspiring more creativity and playtime. Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for your children’s play space because it is naturally resistant to stains, moisture, dents and scratches, making it easy to maintain. You can combine pink vinyl polka dot flooring with almost any wallpaper that has a complementary colour scheme, or walls painted in a single colour. Choose any shade of pink that creates the look that you desire. You want your kids to laugh, play, and love being in their personal space. Pink flooring with polka dots will have them jumping with joy.


Image of a Polka Dot flooring used in a blog post about Polka Dot floor tiles from
Bespoke Polka Dot flooring


  • Give an abstract flair to your bathroom. If your bathroom has a traditional light tile wall pattern or walls painted in white or eggshell, pink vinyl flooring will transform the entire space.
    Renovating or upgrading your bathroom involves making the most of its layout and available floor space. You might not want to have to replace all of the wall tiling and ceiling paint, so changing the floor may be enough to give it a whole new look.
    Putting in sophisticated and trendy pink vinyl flooring will allow the floor to become the focal point of the room. Choose a lighter shade of pink, like baby pink or pink lace, and compliment the vinyl pattern with a bathmat of a slightly darker pink or red colour.


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Sanne pattern vinyl flooring


  • Give your bedroom a much needed makeover. Your bedroom is likely the most personal and intimate space in your home.
    Use your imagination to create a space that reflects your personal tastes and preferences. A lot of you might want to keep your bedroom walls simple, painted in a single light colour, and with a white ceiling. A perfect way to add pizzazz to a contemporary space and bring a big smile to your face every morning is with a bold patterned carpet or pink vinyl polka dot flooring. Don’t be afraid to choose the boldest shades of pink like hot pink or magenta. This stunning addition to your bedroom might also inspire, dare we say, more emotion and passion from your partner.


    Image of a pink and white Polka Dot flooring used in a blog post about Polka Dot floor tiles from
    Bespoke Polka Dot flooring


  • Bring warmth and pleasure to your kitchen or dining room. We think warm colours like red and pink promote a healthy appetite and can add satisfaction to your dining experiences. Deep luscious tones can (maybe) get the mouth salivating!
    Considered one of the best dining room colour ideas for inspiration and creativity, a pink vinyl floor pattern adds a soothing tone and goes well with any contemporary design. For a dining room with walls painted in shades of white, red, orange, or blue, pink vinyl flooring is the perfect compliment.
    You can choose any shade of pink that is pretty but not overbearing, like watermelon, rose or carnation. In your kitchen, this floor pattern works well with glass splashbacks or tiled walls done in any complementary colour. Pink vinyl flooring also looks great in kitchens with solid wood cupboards and cabinets.


Customer photo testimonial of our Herringbone Pink patterned vinyl flooring from a customer review of
Herringbone Pink vinyl flooring


  • Completely transform your kitchen. Your kitchen is where you will spend a lot of time with your family, and the first room that your guests are likely to notice.
    You’ve probably put a lot of effort into choosing accessories that match the colour scheme or your walls and ceiling. But what about your floor pattern?
    If you want to give a retro look to your room that has an otherwise simplistic or contemporary style, then try putting in pink vinyl flooring with a pattern to match your creative flair. Just put on your favourite classic songs and watch your guests start dancing round the kitchen in no time. This is a chic and bold statement for the most popular room in your house!
    There are a lot of great colours that go well with pink. White works well with any shade of pink, from blush to fuchsia. For a jewel-toned effect, try pairing bright pink with a gemstone shade like sapphire blue or emerald green. Vinyl is also both very practical and easy to take care of. This means that the next time your kids (or friends) are cooking (or busting some moves), cleaning up will be that much simpler.


Osseo parquet style pattern printed geometric design vinyl flooring exclusively from
Osseo pattern vinyl flooring


If you are thinking about doing some interior home decor upgrade or renovations, spring is the perfect time to get started. Your floor space is a critical yet often understated component of every room. Vinyl flooring is a durable, affordable, and practical solution that can improve the look and feel of any space, and warm colours like pink are really in style.

Your home is your castle, and these spring home decor trends and 5 great ideas for pink vinyl flooring can help you transform your living spaces, and may even get you dancing.


From Louisa (definite bright and bold pink, matched with charcoal greys and creams – bit like an ice cream! Except for the charcoal…)


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