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Instant Home Inspiration: Autumnal Leaves


Is there any purer feeling than stepping onto a fallen leaf and hearing that satisfying crunch?

It is something that everyone enjoys; even children who have just taken their first steps find enjoyment in running through piles of red and yellow leaves. In fact, if you’ve got kids, you’ll know that this is one of their real seasonal treats!

We are already firm fans of autumn, but in particular, we adore the leaves and how they remind us that change can be beautiful – and is sometimes necessary!
If a pile of freshly swept leaves in the garden sounds like your idea of heaven, or if you’re someone who will go out of their way just to step on a crunchy leaf, you’re exactly like us.
But why leave the leaves outside (pun definitely intended) when you could use them as inspiration for your latest home update?


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Hedgehog snuffling for his leaves!



Leaves have fascinating shapes. From the simple fallen elm leaf to the intricate maple leaf, each one is different, with some featuring jagged edges, and others smooth lines.
They can provide an excellent source of inspiration for your home, whether it’s a pattern that includes leaves or a piece of furniture that uses the shape as a base.
We’ve trawled the internet and found these pieces of furniture inspired by leaves… some of them are suitable for a terraced house but others would be more suited to a Malibu mansion!


Furniture inspired by autumnal leaves and their shapes used in a blog post by
From Pinterest


Chairs inspired by autumnal leaves and their shapes used in a blog post by


Leafy Motifs

If having a chair shaped like a leaf isn’t really your thing, autumnal leaves also make fascinating patterns, which can be used in your home on everything from cushions to wallpaper.
Leafy motifs look amazing embroidered onto duvets, woven into curtains, or even included in your bathroom tiles.
Leaf pressing is also a fun way to preserve fallen leaves from outdoors and transform them into a decorative wall hanging (bonus points if you choose a botanical-themed frame as well).


Art inspired by autumnal leaves and their shapes used in a blog post by


Image of Apolima pattern design as a Feature Tile from For the Floor and More
Apolima Feature Tile


Colour Palette

Rich reds, mustard yellows, burnt oranges – all of these colours are synonymous with autumnal leaves and make great base colours for a cosy home.
Even something like a plain white room can be instantly revitalised with a terracotta sofa, some burgundy cushions and a handful of patterned saffron throws!
Though it might not seem conventional, this colour palette is also great for flooring.
The warm shades help you to feel cosy even as the temperature drops, and the eye will instantly be drawn to it as you enter the room. We have a range of vinyl flooring solutions in rich, autumnal shades, which will help transform any room into a snug autumn den.


Image of bespoke Kaskad design available as a colourful and vibrant vinyl floorcovering
Shop Kaskad pattern


Image of Esta terracotta coloured patterned vinyl flooring design by
Shop Esta pattern flooring


Maximalism vs. Minimalism

“Maximalism vs. Minimalism” is a famous battle that any interiors enthusiast – or anyone who’s ever styled their home – will know well.
While maximalism embraces the bold; the eclectic; the over-the-top, minimalism is all about soft colours, simple shapes, and a focus on “less is more”.
Now, at For the Floor and More we are firm maximalists – but this doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a more minimalistic approach to interior design.
Due to their versatility, you can use autumnal leaves for interior inspo whether you’re a maximalist or a minimalist.
Because we’re such big fans of bright colours and bold shapes, we love the idea of an autumn-leaf-inspired floor. You can picture it now: terracotta walls paired with a pattern that instantly transforms you from your living room to an October morning. Of course, minimalists can still have their fun with the trend, opting for a simple leaf wall tile, or some scatter cushions adorned with maple leaves.


Image of Carlla design terracotta coloured patterned vinyl flooring design by
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If you’re interested in giving your home an autumnal makeover that you’ll love all year round, why not click to browse our vinyl flooring selection?
Alternatively, we have lots of splashbacks and Feature Tiles that are just the ticket for livening up a kitchen or bathroom.

And don’t worry, there are lots of summer, winter and spring-inspired designs as well!

Happy renovating and please drop by & let me know your autumnal favs on our social media.

Louisa – brisk strolls, crisp autumn air, definite hot choc at the end!


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