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Social Distancing Floor Markings

Using the same technology we employ to create our bespoke vinyl home floorings, we can also manufacture custom individual social distancing floor markings to cover the complete space of a retail store or commercial premises.

Entire floor coverings can be individually printed with waymarking arrows and directional guidance.

These can be fitted over existing tiles, boards, concrete or other substrates to create a complete floor marking system that can be changed and adapted as required.


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Our aim is to use our same manufacturing processes for social distancing floor markings to keep staff and customers safe as we come out of these current times into whatever the ‘new normal’ will be.

More retail outlets will be allowed to open up and it is imperative that we are all kept safe and we can follow any guidelines set out to ensure we do so.
Simple, effective messaging laid out across the floor will enable everyone to know what they need to do and where they need to go.

All custom social distancing flooring utilises the same R11 slip rated vinyl base as our own flooring patterns. The product datasheet can be downloaded from here.
The maximum size for a single panel is 2.9 x 20m and multiple panels can be fitted together like any other vinyl flooring.


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Everything we manufacture is individually produced meaning we can create a different setup for each store with tailored directional floor signage.
We would need your designs as printable files at the room sizes required. Our team is here to help out before we go to production.

We can incorporate logo colours and other more individual elements to add a little of your own personality so its less clinical yet still informative.
We can help to make your social distancing floor graphics more in keeping with your brand – these necessary measures don’t have to be flat and threatening.

Our digital cutting table can also trim panels to create mats, shapes, or sections to fit wherever markings are needed.

There is no minimum order and costs will remain the same as per our own floorings – we are all in this together – and we are still doing all we can to print and ship within two weeks.

Our flooring is a more durable and individual solution to hopefully what will be only a medium-term problem.


Installation guides are here and for more information, please email us through the details on the contact page.


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